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  • BAAM-CI (Big Area Additive Manufacturing -- Cincinnati Incorporated), submitted by Cincinnati Incorporated and ORNL, supported by the Lab's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Chad Duty leading, and listed in the Process/Prototyping Category.
    ORNL technologies also won special awards. BAAM-CI also received Editor's Choice in Process/Prototype, and Infrared Nondestructive Weld Examination System, Jian Chen and Zhili Feng with partners ArcelorMittal USA and Eagle Bend Manufacturing, Inc., a finalist in the Analytical/Test and Market Disruptor -- Service categories, received a silver award recognition.
  • Genoa 3D Printing Simulation Software, submitted by AlphaStar Corp, with ORNL support led by Vlastimil Kunc. Listed in the Software/Services category.

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Archived Honors & Awards 2007

  1. Craig Blue, TTED Inventor Awards, Dec. 7, 2007.
  2. Athena Safa-Sefat, new Wigner Fellow at ORNL, December 2007.
  3. Claus Daniel received patents on three new inventions:
    1. "Novel materials and processing concept for battery development: Real 3D battery with interpenetrated electrodes in a foam electrode material," Date Initiated: Oct 31, 2007.
    2. "Novel Concepts for Battery Materials and Processing: Additional Concepts," Date Initiated: Oct 31, 2007.
    3. "Novel processing concept for battery technology: Powder and slurry based processing with pulsed thermal processing and laser interference direct structuring," Date Initiated: Oct 31, 2007.
  4. John Budai has been elected as Fellow of APS, 2007. He was cited by the APS's Division of Materials Physics "for seminal materials physics contributions to the structure and synthesis of quasicrystals, nanocrystals formed by ion-implantation, and epitaxial high-temperature superconductors using advanced synchrontron x-ray techniques.
  5. A micrograph representing the work of the Materials S&T Divison's Lynn Boatner, Hu Longmire and Chris Rouleau won second place in the "unique, unusual and new techniques in microscopy" category of the 2007 International Metallographic Competition, at the Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting recently. According to Lynn's description: "Eximer-laser-etched area on a cryogenically quenched ternary alloy (70Fe-15Ni-15-Cr) single crystal [(110) ?oriented] that had been previously been prepared by conventional techniques. The circular region was eximer laser-etched using 175 laser pulses at 0.5 J/cm2. A comparison of this micrograph in which fewer laser pulses were incident on the sample with the top micrograph illustrates how the laser etching conditions can be altered to produce different contrast levels on a multiphase metallographic specimen."
  6. Amit Goyal discussion leader at nano engineering conference has been invited to lead discussions and serve as a moderator for two sessions on advanced materials at the 2007 National Nano Engineering Conference, to be held Nov. 14-15, in Boston. The conference is being organized by NASA's Nanotech Briefs magazine. Amit also serves on Nanotech Briefs magazine's 2007 Advisory Board, which selects the Nano50 Award recipients. The 2007 Nano50 awards will be given at this conference.
  7. ORNL Awards Night Winners: Darlene Hickman, Jeremy Busby, Phil Maziasz, Neal Evans, Ray Johnson, John Shingledecker, Vinod Sikka, and Brian Sales, 2007
  8. ORNL welcomed its latest crop of Wigner Fellows at its annual reception on September 25, 2007, three are in MST Division:
    1. Michael McGuire, Correlated Electron Materials Group
    2. Peter Maksymovych, Low-Dimensional Materials Group
    3. Paul Snijders, Low-Dimensional Materials Group
  9. Lynn Boatner, Hu Longmire, and Christopher Rouleau win the Second Place Award in the Unique, Unusual, and New Techniques in Microscopy category of the 2007 International Metallographic Competition for "Eximer Laser Etching - A New Metallographic Sample Preparation Technique." October 2007
  10. Mark A. Janney and Michael L. Simpson received the UT-Battelle Distingished Inventor Award, 2007.
  11. Amit Goyal receives "Pride of India" award by the NRI Institute, the award recognizes people of Indian origin around the world for outstanding achievements in their chosen fields. It also recognizes public service contributions toward the economic development of India and the recipient's country of residence. Amit was one of just 24 people selected for the award, a group that includes included 10 CEOs, several medical professionals, social workers and scientists & technologists. Amit's other recognitions related to India include the Global Indus Technovator Award awarded by a group based at MIT in 2005 and the American Society of Metals - Indian Institute of Metals Lectureship Award in 2006.
  12. Thak Sang Byun received the "Best Paper Award" presented by the Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division of the American Ceramic Society for his paper titled "Influence of Specimen Type and Irregularity on the Fracture Strength of SiC Layer in Coated Particle Fuel", co-author, S. Hong.
  13. Karren More has been formally appointed as the Director of the Shared Research Equipment (SHaRE) User Program.  Karren has served as Acting Director of the SHaRE Program since November 2006.  This appointment follows DOE's acceptance of the action plan required by the peer review held last year.   Karren led the formulation of the response and spearheaded the changes in the SHaRE Program operational model. Karren began her career at ORNL as a SHaRE ORAU staff member. She has been a user of the SHaRE microscopes since that time, and brings a wealth of experience to this role – including application of a breadth of electron microscopy techniques to the study of wide ranging problems in materials science.  In Karren's role as Director of the SHaRE Program, she will be responsible for the user program, the scientific research associated with the SHaRE Program, and interactions with the other Electron Beam Microcharacterization Centers operated by the DOE-BES Division of Scientific User Facilities.  Sept. 4, 2007  Image of S. Jesse and S.V. Kalinin makes the cover of the Special Issue on Nanoscale Ferroelectrics IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, Vol. 53, No. 12 (December 2006).
  14. Adrian Sabau has been appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee, August 2007.
  15. Roger Stoller has been elected as Fellow of ASM International, August 2007.
  16. Tim Burchell has been appointed to serve as Member of the Subcommittee on Nuclear Power (SC III) (N20070000) for a term effective July 2007 through June 2012.
  17. Three of the ORNL's six R&D 100 Awards received in MST Division, July 2, 2007:
    1. Cast Nickel Aluminide for Improved Productivity of Steel Heat-Treating Furnaces, developed and submitted jointly by Duraloy Technologies, Mittal Steel USA, Anthony Martocci (consultant), Vinod Sikka and Michael Santella of ORNL's Materials Science and Technology Division and Jeffrey McNabb of ORNL's Fabrication Division.
    2. High-Performance LMO-enabled, High Temperature Superconducting Wires, developed and submitted jointly by SuperPower Inc., Parans Paranthaman and Tolga Aytug of ORNL's Chemical Sciences Division and Amit Goyal of ORNL's Materials Science and Technology Division.
    3. Armstrong Process CP Ti and Ti Alloy Powder and Products, developed and submitted jointly by International Titanium Powder, Craig Blue, Jim Kiggans, Stephen Nunn and Phil Sklad of ORNL's Materials Science and Technology Division, ORNL postdoctoral fellows William Peter and John Rivard, Art Clemons of ORNL's National Security Directorate, BAE Systems, AMETEK, National Energy Technology Laboratory and Red Devil Brakes.
  18. H. T. Lin was nominated as a Professional Member of the World Academy of Ceramics (WAC), July 16, 2007.
  19. Steve Zinkle was selected to receive the American Nuclear Society's 2007 Mishima Award, "for his pioneering contributions to our understanding of radiation effects in metals and ceramics for fission and fusion energy systems, " ORNL Review, Vol. 40. No.2, 2007.
  20. Steve Zinkle was also recently (June 26) elected a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society, "for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of nuclear science and engineering, " ORNL Review, Vol. 40. No.2, 2007.
  21. Congratulations to Peter Maksymovych, new Wigner Fellow at ORNL, on winning the highly sought Nottingham Prize at the Physical Electronics Conference last week. Peter was selected in intense competition over 19 other recent graduates from many of the best known surface science groups. His presentation, based on his thesis work, was titled "Nonlocal Hot Electron Surface Chemistry in Scanning Tunneling Microscope."
  22. Jim Keiser wins the best paper award in the Corrosion subject area at the 2007 International Chemical Recovery Conference held in Quebec City, Canada, May 2007.
  23. Claus Daniel's article awarded the Werner Köster Prize, the journal's annual best paper award from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM) and the Carl Hanser Publishing Company, was featured on the October 2006 cover of the International Journal of Materials Research (formerly Zeitschrift für Metallkunde).
  24. Steve Zinkle receives the IEEE/Nuclear Plasma Sciences Society Fusion Technology Award, for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of radiation effects in structural materials and exceptional leadership in the U.S. Fusion Materials Program (2007).
  25. Karren More elected as Fellow of ACeRS (May, 2007).
  26. Poster Award Named for MS&T Staff Member. In April, the conference organizing committee for the series of International Conferences on Wear of Materials (WOM) decided to name the Best Conference Poster Award after MS&T Staff Member Peter Blau. Peter has attended every WOM conference since 1979 and has served on the conference organizing committee in a number of capacities, including General Chairman for the 1997 conference. WOM conferences began in 1977 and are held biannually. The first Peter J. Blau Best Poster Award will be made in 2009, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  27. Materials Processing Group articles on three journal covers:
    1. Foundry Management & Technology Journal, October 2006
    2. Industrial Heating Journal, June 2006
    3. JOM Journal, June 2006
  28. Ron Ott is Keynote Speaker at the NanoFocus 2007 Conference
  29. "Estimation of Maximum Coated Particle Fuel Compact Packing Fraction," by Peter Pappano and Robert N. Morris, makes the cover of the Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 361, issue 1 (31 March 2007).
  30. Tim Burchell & Fred Baker were elected Fellows of the American Carbon Society. A recognition ceremony will be held at CARBON 2007 in July.
  31. Ron Klueh has been chosen to be a lecturer at the Frédéric Joliot/Otto Hahn Summer School in Karlsruhe, Germany, August 29-September 7, 2007. 
  32. Tim Kirkland, Andy Wereszczak, and David Ryan, group members of Ceramic Science and Technology Group, have won the First Place Poster Award at the 31st International Cocoa Beach Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, Jan. 21-26, 2007, Daytona Beach, FL.
  33. Hua-Tay Lin receives "2007 Outstanding Materials Engineering Alumnus Award" from Auburn University's Materials Engineering Department.
  34. Steve Zinkle receives E. O. Lawrence Award

In the News:

  1. Dirty Little Secrets (Harvard Political Review) - “Except for hydro, nuclear is much cleaner in a greenhouse sense,” explained Theodore Besmann, a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...11/20/07 ORNL in the News
  2. Vinod Sikka, superstar (Atomic City Underground) - Congratulations to Sikka for taking top honors at the annual ORNL Awards Night. He was recognized for outstanding individual accomplishment in science and technology, as well as inventor of the year....11/20/07 ORNL in the News
  3. Frederick S. Baker has received the Graffin Lecturership in Carbon Science & Engineering Award presented by the American Carbon Society, Nov. 2, 2007.
  4. ORNL's Ho Nyung Lee cited as top early career scientist
    OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Nov. 1, 2007 — Oak Ridge National Laboratory researcher Ho Nyung Lee is one of eight Department of Energy scientists to receive the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).
  5. Ted Besmann, "Except for hydro, nuclear is much cleaner in a greenhouse sense," ORNL in the News, 11/20/07 (Harvard Political Review).
  6.  ORNL sweeps regional tech transfer awards. . .
    IC-221M Cast Nickel Aluminide, which was developed and transferred to Duraloy Technologies by ORNL's Vinod Sikka, Michael Santella, Jefferey McNabb and Ashok Choudhury, won project of the year.
  7. High-Performance Lanthanum Manganese Oxide-Enabled, High-Temperature Superconducting Tape, Automated Image Retrieval and Operational Amplifiers for High-Temperature Electronics and Telemetry won excellence in technology transfer awards.
  8. The superconducting tape was developed by ORNL's Parans Paranthaman, Tolga Aytug, Amit Goyal and Mark Reeves and Venkat Selvamanickam and X. Xiong of Superpower. The technology won a R&D-100 award in 2007.
    ORNL News Releases - Aug. 29, 2007
  9. Materials—Supersaturated steel . . .
    Pulp and paper plants in the future may operate at lower energy levels as the result of a new joint technology developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Swagelok Company of Solon, Ohio. ORNL researchers Vinod Sikka, Dane Wilson, Jun Qu and Peter Blau of the laboratory's Industrial Technologies Program have conducted collaborative research on the durability of stainless steel alloys that were treated with the Swagelok- developed low-temperature colossal supersaturation method -- a process that has hardened surfaces four and five times the normal level while not compromising their resistance to corrosion. This hardened surface has been implemented in pump impellers undergoing severe wear operation at the Sonoco paperboard plant in Newport, Tenn. The impellers in the plant are working at three times the life of regular impellers with an annual energy savings of 56 million BTUs. The funding source is DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Industrial Technologies. [Contact: Fred Strohl; 865.574.4165;]
  10. New "ARMS" for Disabled Soldiers," David Geohegan and Ilia Ivanov, both of Nanomaterials Synthesis & Properties Group, are collaborating on the FILMskin project with National Institute of Aerospace in NASA's Langley Research Center," ORNL Review, Vol. 40. No. 2, 2007.
  11. Cleaner and Greener," John Wall, VP and Chief Technical Officer of Cummins Inc., lauded Tom Watkins and colleagues at HTML who used computer modeling and images produced by the aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope to predict the lifetime of catalysts and particulate filters, such as Corning's honeycomb-like cordierite material, used for diesel exhaust aftertreatment. Program Manager, Ray Johnson, says, DOE thermal efficiency goals are 45% by 2010 for diesel cars and 55% by 2012 for trucks, with widespread implementation of new improvements, we could realize a fuel reduction of 20%," ORNL Review, Vol. 40. No.2, 2007.
  12. "Building the Cars of Tomorrow," Bob Norris and Ronny Lomas examine a carbon-fiber composite preform. such a lightweight material could improve a car's fuel economy. ORNL Review, Vol. 40. No.2, 2007.
  13. "ORNL helps develop next-generation LEDs," David Geohegan, ORNL researcher is leading the OLED effort. ORNL News Releases 3/19/07.