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  • Four ORNL scientists selected for early career research funding
    OAK RIDGE, Tenn., May 13, 2015 - Four researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory are among 44 scientists selected by DOE's Office of Science to receive funding under the department's Early Career Research Program.
  • ORNL microscopy directly images problematic lithium dendrites in batteries
    OAK RIDGE, Tenn., March 6, 2015 - Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have captured the first real-time nanoscale images of lithium dendrite structures known to degrade lithium-ion batteries. The ORNL team’s electron microscopy could help researchers address long-standing issues related to battery performance and safety.
  • New, current, completed Wigner fellows recognized - Michael Naguib, sponsored by Nancy Dudney; Michael Chance, sponsored by Lynn Boatner; and Xunxiang Hu, sponsored by Yutai Katoh, all of the Materials Science & Technology Division. The annual Wigner Fellowship reception was held on March 12 to recognize the new and current Wigner fellows along with Wigner fellows who recently completed their fellowship appointment.

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  • Yutai Katoh, elected as an ANS Fellow (2015).
  • MSTD's stainless steel tech wins NACE International award - ORNL Today 4/6/15 - Researchers from the Materials Science & Technology Division have won the NACE International 2015 Materials Performance, Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award. The team includes Michael Brady, Yakinori Yamamoto, Bruce Pint, Govindarajan Muralidharan and Philip Maziasz. Together with Carpenter Technology Corporation, the ORNL group helped develop a stainless steel alloy that provides advanced corrosion-resistance properties in high-temperature industrial environments. Alumina-forming austenitic stainless steels, as they're known, offer this capability without the abandoning the lower cost, weldability and formability of conventional high-temperature stainless steels. The technology received an R&D 100 award in 2009. The team was formally recognized at NACE International's 2015 Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • April 2, 2015 - The Advanced Photon Source Users Organization is excited to announce that the 2015 APS Arthur H. Compton Award has been awarded to Gene Ice, Bennett Larson, and Cullie Sparks (posthumously). This award recognizes an important scientific or technical accomplishment at, or beneficial to, the APS. The award citation reads, “The 2015 APS Arthur H. Compton Award is given jointly to Gene Ice, Bennett Larson, and Cullie Sparks for seminal developments advancing spatially and temporally resolved synchrotron x-ray capabilities.”
    The selection committee reviewed several excellent nominations this year. The nominating and support statements for the Ice/Larson/Sparks team made clear the importance of their work: “This nomination recognizes breakthroughs that have had transformative impacts on focusing monochromators, on submicron 3D spatial resolution x-ray microscopy, and on high-time-resolution scientific investigations at the Advanced Photon Source and synchrotrons worldwide.
    The award will be presented at the APS Plenary Session, Monday, May 11 at 1:55 pm at the 2015 APS/CNM Users Meeting, followed by a talk. Congratulations once again to this year's winners! More information about the Compton award can be found at


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  • Materials - Efficient catalysts - January 13, 2015 - Reduction of pollution from vehicles and power plants relies, in large part, on how effectively catalysts can oxidize nitric oxide (NO). Advancing such catalyst performance requires a better understanding of the noble metals used in catalytic converters.


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Archived Honors & Awards 2009

  1. Lynn A. Boatner, has achieved the threshold distinction of "Battelle Distinguished Inventor" (14 US patents a an ORNL Inventor, in addition to his two US patents awarded prior to joining ORNL).
  2. Lynn A. Boatner, has been recognized in the form of a Second Place Award in the Scanning Electron Microscopy Category in the 2009 Ceramographic Competition of the American Ceramic Society. The Award-Winning entry was entitled: "Zinc Oxide Photoanode Instability in Photoelectrochemical Cells for Hydrogen Production." The 2009 Ceramographic Competition was held as part of the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Ceramic Society in Pittsburgh, PA, October 25-30, 2009.
  3. The Canadian Patent Office has issued James Klett a patent on "Pitch-Based Carbon Foam Heat Sink with Phase Change Material", November 2009.
  4. Kinga Unocic has received the 2010 Young Leader Professional Developent Award from the Structural Materials Division of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), November 2009.
  5. Ted Besmann will chair a Nuclear Energy Agency Working Group on "Multi-Scale Modeling of Fuels for Nuclear Systems".
  6. New 2009 Weinberg Fellows in MST Division:
    1. C. M. Parish (Microscopy Group)
    2. Raymond R. Unocic (Microscopy Group)
    3. Wyatt E. Tenhaeff (Physical Chemistry of Materials Group)
    4. Orlando Rios (Materials Processing Group)
  7. ORNL's United Way Campaign Chair, Edgar Lara-Curzio announced the campaign had collected $1,025,000. ORNL's United Way campaign has topped six-figures for the second time.
  8. Work by De-en Jiang and Sheng Dai of the Chemical Sciences Division, in collaboration with Robert Whetten of Georgia Institute of Technology and Weidong Luo of Vanderbilt University and the MST Division, is featured on the cover of the October 8, 2009 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.
  9. Lynn Boatner receives United States Patent on “Infra-Red Signature Neutron Detector”, October 13, 2009 .
  10. Designer superatom complex" makes journal cover. Work by De-en Jiang and Sheng Dai of the Chemical Sciences Division, in collaboration with Robert Whetten of Georgia Institute of Technology and Weidong Luo of Vanderbilt University and the Materials S&T Division, is featured on the cover of the October 8, 2009 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. The team has designed and examined the smallest thiolated gold superatom complexes and predicted an octahedron-cored gold nanocluster as the superior candidate. Gold nanoclusters and nanoparticles have wide applications such as in protein labeling, drug delivery, sensing and catalysis.
  11. Valentino Cooper, MSTD, De-en Jian and Sheng Dai, Chemical Sciences Division, computationally designed graphene sheets with sub-nanometer pores (a one-atom-thick membrane) that show unprecedented selectives for hydrogen over methane relative to traditional polymeric or silica membrances. Their work is published online in Nano Letters, a leading journal in nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  12. S. V. Kalinin received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Young Investigator from the International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics (ISIF), for his outstanding work in the field of piezoresponse force microscopy (vestor-PFM and spectrosopy PFM) and its application to a wide range of materials from oxides to biological samples, 2009
  13. Craig Blue, Director of ORNL's Energy Materials Program, has been elected a fellow of ASM International, for his contributions to the field of materials science and engineering. July 2009.
  14. Jun Qu is the winner of the John G. Bollinger Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2009.
  15. Edgar Lara-Curzio has been chosen for the 2009 Arthur Frederick Greaves-Walker Award from the American Ceramic Society and the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers, in recognition of his "outstanding service to the ceramic engineering profession," May 2009.
  16. Hua-Tay Lin received the 2010 James I. Mueller Memorial Award, in recognition of his contribution and leadership in the field of engineering ceramics. This is the highest honor bestowed by the Engineering Ceramics Division of the American Ceramic Society. He will deliver a plenary lecture at the 34th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, in Daytona Beach, Fla, January 24, 2010.
  17. Amit Goyal ranks no. 1 world wide in the total number of citations and no. 4 worldwide in the total number of papers published during the last decade (1999-2009). Other MST researchers also made the lists, especially the average citations per paper list. They are Elbio Dagotto, Dave Christen, Ron Feenstra, Eliot Specht, Claudia Canoni, and Fred List, 2009.
  18. Amit Goyal will be inducted as a Fellow of WTN at the awards ceremony held in New York City, July 15-16, 2009 and is a finalist for the WTN Award in the category of Materials.
  19. Amit Goyal has been chosen to receive the "Distinguished Alumnus Award" for 2009 from his alma mater, the Indian Institute of Technology, at Kharagpur, India. The award will be prsented at the 55th Annual Convocation, August 8th, 2009.
  20. Lynn A. Boatner, received the Class 6 The Dubose-Crouse Award for Unique, Unusual, and New Techniques in Microscopy - sponsored by Elseviers; and 1st Place for Mapping Mass Transport in Stainless Steel Weld Pools Using Tracer and Secondard Electron Techniques, at the 2009 International Metallographic Contest.
  21. Sergei V. Kalinin - will receive an Outstanding Achievement Award for Young Investigator for his outstanding work in the field of piezoresponse force microscopy (vector-PFM and spectroscopy PFM) and its application to a wide range of materials from oxides to biological samples at the ISIF 2009 21st International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics and Functionalities in Colorado Springs, CO on September 27, 2009.
  22. The American Nuclear Society has selected Louis K. Mansur to receive this year's Mishima Award, given annually " recognize outstanding contributions in research and development work on nuclear fuels and materials."
  23. New Professional Society Fellows:
    1. Lynn Boatner – Materials Research Society (MRS) Fellow. Lynn is the only MRS fellow from ORNL.
    2. Jim Bentley – Microscopy Society of America (MSA) “inaugural” Fellow
    3. Chong Long Fu – American Physical Society (APS) Fellow
    4. Amit Goyal – American Physical Society (APS) Fellow
    5.  Roger Stoller – American Nuclear Society (ANS) Fellow
  24. New Professional Society Awards:
    1. Edgar Lara Curzio received the 2009 Arthur Frederick Greaves-Walker Award from the American Ceramic Society and the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers (ACerS/NICE)
    2. Sergei Kalinin received the Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars from the American Ceramic Society (ACerS).
  25. International and Internal Awards:
    1. Phil Maziasz - “CF8C Plus: New Cast Stainless Steel for High-Temperature Performance.” has been selected as winner for the 2009 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer.
    2. Malcolm Stocks will be the Director for the new Energy Frontiers Research Center for Defect Physics in Structural Materials. The center will bring together researchers from ORNL, six universities, and LLNL to address the most pressing basic research challenges in structural materials for energy.
    3. Claudia Rawn has been invited to serve as a member of the U.S. National Committee for Crystallography (USNC/Cr).
    4. Chaitanya Narula - technical paper has been selected for inclusion in the new SAE International Journals, “Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Experiments – Nanostructural Changes in Supported Catalysts Under Operating Conditions,” SAE Int. J. Mater. Manuf. 1(1): 182-188, 2008.
    5. Amit Goyal - article has been selected to be published in Superconductor Science & Technology (SUST) as part of the journal’s “Highlights of 2008”.“High performance superconducting wire in high applied magnetic fields via nanoscale defect engineering.”
    6. Fue Xiong received the Outstanding Graduate Award in Mechanical Engineering Technology by the Engineering and Media Technology Department at Pellissippi State.
    7. Kevin Rhodes - poster wins 2nd prize for Excellence in Student Research at the ASM Oak Ridge Chapter's Workshop on "Materials for Mega-Watts," title "Degradation and Fatigue of Active Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batters." by Kevin Rhodes, Claus Daniel, Edgar Lara-Curzio, and Nancy Dudney.
    8. Gerry Ludtka & Claire Luttrell received a Secretary of Energy Achievement Honor Award (as part of a team) on January 7, 2009.  The Honor Awards represent the highest internal non-monetary recognition that DOE employees and contractors can receive for providing exceptional service to the Department and the American people. This award recognizes employees whose performance goes above and beyond the call of duty in their work endeavors.”
    9. John Budai - image for the article, "Zinc Oxide Microtowers by Vapor Phase Homoepitaxial Regrowth," has made the cover of Advanced Materials. Lead author, Zhengwei Pan, U. of Georgia & ORNL, Parans Paranthaman and Sheng Dai, CSD. The image is of zinc-oxide "microtowers" in research toward nanowires with unique electronic and photonic properties.
    10. Neils De Jonge – paper was published on-line in Proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Daily Early Edition, “Electron microscopy of whole cells in liquid with nanometer resolution.”
  26. William H. Peter has been named the leader of the Materials Processing Group.
  27. Chad Duty has been named Acting Solar Technology Program Manager in the Energy Efficiency & Electricity Technologies Program Office.