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  • BAAM-CI (Big Area Additive Manufacturing -- Cincinnati Incorporated), submitted by Cincinnati Incorporated and ORNL, supported by the Lab's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, Chad Duty leading, and listed in the Process/Prototyping Category.
    ORNL technologies also won special awards. BAAM-CI also received Editor's Choice in Process/Prototype, and Infrared Nondestructive Weld Examination System, Jian Chen and Zhili Feng with partners ArcelorMittal USA and Eagle Bend Manufacturing, Inc., a finalist in the Analytical/Test and Market Disruptor -- Service categories, received a silver award recognition.
  • Genoa 3D Printing Simulation Software, submitted by AlphaStar Corp, with ORNL support led by Vlastimil Kunc. Listed in the Software/Services category.

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Archived Honors & Awards 2010

  1. Roger E. Stoller is the 2010 chairman of the ASTM International Board (2010).
  2. David Singh has been appointed as the chair of the APS Publications Oversight Committee for 2011, December 20, 2010.
  3. Lance Snead, elected ANS Fellow, was recognized "for being the leading international expert on radiation effects in silicon carbide and other ceramic composites for fusion and advanced fission reactors. His ground-breaking research includes development of a new class of radiation-tolerant ceramic composites resulting in significant advances in fundamental understanding of radiation-induced microstructural evolution in structural materials." December 2010.
  4. 2010 SEA Awards: 1) Atom by atom imaging and analysis: Matthew Chisholm and Stephen Pennycook; 2) New progrmas and awards in Advanced Battery Chemistry: Chengdu Liang and Nancy Dudney; and 3) Successfully completed AGR-2 fuel fabrications campaign to meet DOE-NE Level 1 milestone in FY10: John Hunn, Frederick Montgomery, Peter Pappano and Michael Trammel.
  5. Wally Porter was a co-author on what has become a internationally recognized research effort led by Olivier Delaire.  Delaire is a Shull Fellow in ORNL's Neutron Sciences Directorate, and HTML's facilities/User Program, has won the award for the best presentation at the World Materials Research Institute forum's (WMRIF) International Workshop for Young Materials Scientists, in Berlin, Germany. 
  6. Govindarajan Muralidharan (MSTD), Charles L. Britton, James Pearce, Usha Jagadish, and Vinod K. Sikka, received a U.S. Patent on "Remote Shock Sensing and Notification System," November 2, 2010.
  7. Terry L. White, Knoxville, Felix L. Paulauskas (MSTD), and Timothy S. Bigelow, Knoxville, received a U.S. Patent on "System to Continuously Produce Carbon fiber Via Microwave Assisted Plasma Processing," November 2, 2010.
  8. S. T. Pantelides has been named a University Distinguished Professor of Physics and Engineering at Vanderbilt University, 2010.
  9. Steve Zinkle, chief scientist for the Nuclear Science & Engineering Directorate, recently received the inaugural Robert Cahn Award from Elsevier, Ltd., during the Nuclear Materials 2010 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany.  Steve was recognized for his high scientific profile in the field of nuclear materials, for an outstanding ability to communicate science to a broad audience and for breaking down barriers between different scientific disciplines.  Robert Cahn made numerous seminal contributions to the field of physical metallurgy and served as founding editor for four materials science journals (including the Journal of Nuclear Materials and the Journal of Materials Science) and is credited with playing a central role in the development of the field of materials science.
  10. Amit Goyal has been selected as the R&D100 Magazine's Innovator of the Year Award, October 25, 2010.
  11. Wiles, Randy H.; Wereszczak, Andrew A.; Ayers, Curtis William; 'Lowe, Kirk T.', received a U.S. Patent on  "Direct Cooled Power Electronics Substrate", issued September 14, 2010.
  12. Timothy R. Armstrong (MSTD); Michael P. Trammell (MSTD); Joseph A. Marasco (TT), received a U.S. Patent for "Stack Configurations for Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells," (issued August 31, 2010), September 16, 2010.
  13. 2010 Awards Night Winners:  Distinguished Engineer: Ted Besmann; Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment:  Amit Naskar; Early Career Award for Scientific Accomplishment: Athena Safa-Sefat; and Technical Support: Hu Longmire.
  14. Zhili Feng, has received the Materials Science and Engineering Departmental Distinguished Alumni Award from Ohio State University, September 7, 2010.
  15. Jeremy Busby has received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), September 2, 1010.
  16. Randy K. Nanstad, has received the Special Award, a national award from the American Nuclear Society in recognition for his contributions to the development of the Eason-Odette-Nanstad-Yamamoto predictive model for fission reactor pressure vessel embrittlement due to neutron exposure (Advances in Predictive Science for Design and Analysis of Nuclear Reactors), August 12, 2010.
  17. S. V. Kalinin, H. M. Christen, A. P. Baddorf, V. Meunier, and H. N. Lee, received a U.S. Patent on "Ferroelectric Tunneling Element and Memory Applications Which Utilize the Tunneling Element," July 20, 2010.
  18. Michael K. Miller, has been appointed a UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow. He is recognized as one of the premier scientific leaders in the field of atom probe ion microscopy and atom probe tomogaphy, July 23, 2010.
  19. Steve Zinkle, has been chosen as a recipient of the TMS Fellows Award Class of 2011, July 21, 2010.
  20. 2010 R&D Award Winner: High-Performance, High-Tc Superconducting Wires Enabled via Self-assembly of Non-superconducting Columnar Defects, developed and jointly submitted by SuperPower Inc., the University of Houston, and the University of Tennessee with ORNL researchers Amit Goyal, Sung-hun Wee, Eliot Specht, Karren More, Claudia Cantoni, Keith Leonard, David Christen, Jim Thompson, Malcolm Stocks (MSTD), Tolga Aytug, Mariappan Paranthaman (CSD), Yanfei Gao (CSMD), and Dominic Lee (ESD), 2010.
  21. 2010 R&D Award Winner: Strontium Iodide Scintillator for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, submitted by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. ORNL's participants included Lynn Boatner, Joanne Ramey and James Kolopus (MSTD), 2010.
  22. 2010 R&D Award Winner: Sulfur-Carbon Nanocomposite Cathode Material and Additives for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, developed and submitted by Chengdu Liang (CNMS), Nancy Dudney, and Jane Howe (MSTD), 2010.
  23. 2010 R&D Award Winner: Ztherm Modulated Thermal Analysis, developed and jointly submitted by Asylum Research Company and an ORNL research team consisting of Sergei Kalinin (CNMS/MSTD), Maxim Nikiforov, and Stephen Jesse (CNMS), 2010.
  24. Mike Brady, Bruce Pint, C. T. Liu, Phil Maziasz, and Yamamoto Yukinori (MSTD), and Zhao P. Lu, received a U.S. Patent on "Oxidation Resistant High Creep Strength Austenitic Stainless Steel," June 20, 2010.
  25. G. Muralidhran, V. K. Sikka, P. J. Maziasz, and R. I. Pankiw, received a U.S. Patent on "Cast, Heat-Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steels Having Reduced Alloying Element Content," July 6, 2010.
  26. Fred Baker, received a U.S. Patent on "Activated Carbon Fibers and Engineered Forms from Renewable Resources," June 1, 2010.
  27. Roger A. Kisner, John B. Wilgen (ESD), Gerard M. Ludtka, Roger A. Jaramillo (former MSTD), and Gail Ludtka (MSTD), received a U.S. Patent on "Thermal and High Magnetic Field Treatment of Materials and Associated Apparatus," June 29, 2010.
  28. Michael L. Santella receives the Forest R. McFarland Award by SAE International, June 2010.
  29. Wei Zhang received the Prof. Koichi Masubuchi Award from American Welding Society, May 27, 2010.
  30. Steve Zinkle has been appointed to the position of Vice Chair of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Honors & Awards Committee to begin June 30, 2011. April 21, 2010.
  31. Paper by ORNL BES-funded researcher David Singh makes cover of April 2010, Physical Review Letters. [PRL cover Apr10] [PtCo02-prl-104-176601-2010]
  32. Renetta Godfrey has been awarded recertification as a Certified Professional Secretary (CPS), April 2010.
  33. Lance L. Snead, has been selected as a Fellow of ACerS, April 28, 2010.
  34. Steve Pennycook has been selected as an Honored Professional Member of the Year from Cambridge Who's Who, April 22, 2010.
  35. Steve Zinkle has received the College of Engineering Distinguished Achievement Award from the UW-Madison College of Engineering, April 22, 2010.
  36. Ted Besmann, has been elected a Fellow of American Nuclear Society (ANS), April 22, 2010.
  37. Warren Oliver and George Pharr received the inaugural MRS Innovation in Materials Charazterization Award. The first award of its kind in MRS. March 2010.
  38. Hanbing Xu has been issued a U.S. Patent on "Degassing of Moten Alloys with the Assistance of Ultrasonic Vibration," March 23, 2010.
  39. STEM group's atom-by-atom images on March 2010 Nature cover. Using the latest in aberration-corrected electron microscopy, Steve Pennycook and colleagues have obtained the first images that distinguish individual light atoms such as boron, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.
  40. Ted Besmann, has received the Mishima Award from the American Nuclear Society, for his numerous contributions to the understanding of thermochemistry in fuels and waste forms. March 30, 2010
  41. Karren More, Larry Walker, Yanli Wang, Edgar Lara-Curzio, and Tracie Brummett, was awarded the IGTI/ASME Ceramic Committee's "Best Paper Award" entitled, "Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of a Hybrid Oxide CMC Combuster Liner After 25,000-hour Engine Test," to be presented at the IGTI TurboExpo2010 Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. March 2010.
  42. Phil Maziasz, has been issued a U.S. Patent on "AFA Alloy", March 16, 2010.
  43. Lynn Boatner and Dorothy Coffey, award winning image appeared on the back cover of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society January edition. The micrograph was part of the set that previously won a first-place award in the scanning electron microscopy category of the ACS's ceramographic competition, March 8, 2010.
  44. Lynn Boatner, has been issued a U.S. Patent on "Combinatorial Synthesis of Ceramic Materials," Febuary 23, 2010
  45. Sergei V. Kalinin, has been awarded the Microscopy Society of America Burton Medal for 2010, February 2010.
  46. Takeshi Egami has received the 2010 Hanawalt Award, for excellence in the field of X-ray Powder Diffraction, from International Union of Crystallography, February 23, 2010.
  47. Felix L. Paulauskas, has been issued a U.S. Patent on "Apparatus and Method for Stabilization or Oxidation of Polymeric Materials," January 19, 2010.
  48. Stephen J. Pennycook, has been elected a Fellow of Microcopy Society of America (MSA), for his pioneering contributions to the development and application of atomic-resolution high angle annular dark field imaging and electron energy loss spectroscopy, February 8, 2010.
  49. Easo P. George, has been elected a Fellow of The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society, for his outstanding contributions to understanding deformation and fracture in intermetallic and metallic alloys and for contributions toward design of new materials and their functional use, February 16, 2010.
  50. Matt Chisolm has been elected a Fellow of American Physical Society (APS), February 9, 2010.
  51. David J. Singh has been elected to the Executive Committee of the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Computational Physics, February 9, 2010
  52. Michael K. Miller has been elected a Fellow of Microscopy Society of America (MSA), for his outstanding scientific contributions through pioneering advancement of the field of atom probe field ion microscopy, including instrumentation and sustained development and application of novel statistical data analysis methods, February 8, 2010.
  53. Harm Weitering has been elected a Fellow of American Physical Society (APS), February 9, 2010.
  54. Larry F. Allard, Jr. has been elected a Fellow of Microcopy Society of America (MSA), for his sustained scientific contributions to advancing the field of high resolution TEM/STEM and his outstanding service to the Microscopy Society of America, February 8, 2010.
  55. Michael L. Santella has received the SAE Forest R. McFarland Award for his outstanding contributions to the organization and manuscript review of SAE World Congress sessions on friction stir welding and other joining topics over the past half-dozen years, January 20, 2010.
  56. Peter Blau recently published a techno-thriller called Solar Wind. Set in a remote Alaskan valley above the Arctic Circle, the story is about a multi-billion dollar science facility that is nearing completion, according to Peter's synopsis. "Project Aurora's primary aim is to harness the immense power of the solar wind and transmit it to earth via a network of satellites. By threatening the income of oil exporters, the project becomes a target of terrorists, some of whom are posing as environmental activists. Unbeknownst even to the project director, the military has other plans for Project Aurora, and when the terrorists strike, the full scope of the danger from above is revealed."
    Solar Wind is also available online. Febuary 2010.
  57. Elbio Dagotto (UT/ORNL Distinguished Scientist affiliated) has been elected a Fellow of AAAS. February 20, 2010.
  58. Steven J. Zinkle, has been elected a Fellow of AAAS. He will be honored for his outstanding fundamental research on metals and ceramics for fusion and fission energy systems, particularly ionizing and collisional radiation effects mechanisms at the AAAS Fellows Forum in San Diego, Calif, February 20, 2010.
  59. Randy K. Nanstad received the Peter D. Hedgecock Award from the ASTM International Committee E10 on Nuclear Technology and Applications, January 2010.
  60. Athena Safa-Sefat received the DOE Office of Science Early Career Award for "Origin of Superconductivity in Structurally Layered Materials, funded by the Office of BES, January 2010.
  61. Frederick S. Baker has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), January 4, 2010.