Philips CM200-FEG TEM-STEM

This instrument can be downloaded and is provided here in Adobe PDF formats.




  • 200-kV Schottky field-emission gun (FEG)
  • Post-column Gatan imaging filter (GIF)
  • EDAX R-TEM EDS detector
  • Gatan 794 retractable 10242 MSC CCD camera
  • Emispec Vision acquisition system
  • Fischione HAADF (Z-contrast) and Gatan BF/DF STEM detectors
  • CompuStage SuperTwin lens (±30° tilt)
  • Oil-free vacuum (gun, column, airlock)
  • Specimen holders: double-tilt EDS (RT and LN2 cooling) plus wide range of pre-CompuStage holders

Current Research Activities:

  • High-resolution microanalysis; simultaneous EDS and EELS mapping in STEM mode (spectrum images and lines) at ~1 nm resolution
  • HREM (0.23 nm Scherzer resolution)

Contact: Jim Bentley,, (865) 574-5067


 Oak Ridge National Laboratory