Philips XL30 FEG-SEM

This instrument can be downloaded and is provided here in Adobe PDF formats.



  • High current, 30kV FE gun
  • SE/BSE imaging down to 0.2 and 2kV, respectively
  • Si(Li) EDS X-ray detector (Z>3)
  • EDS spectrum imaging
  • Electron backscattered diffraction / orientation imaging microscopy
  • Dry pumping system/ex-situ plasma cleaning of specimens
  • Examination of radioactive materials
  • Heating stage

Current Research Activities:

  • Structural characterization of high temperature alloys, composites, ceramics, nano-structured materials, carbon-based materials
  • Elemental and phase distribution via EDS analysis/mapping and BSE imaging
  • Phase distribution and microtexture determination via EBSD/OIM in advanced alloys, superconductors, mechanical and laser welds, deformed materials

Contact: Edward A. Kenik,, (865) 574-5066





 Oak Ridge National Laboratory