Awards & Honors › 2009

  1. Gerard M. Ludtka- wins Distinguished Engineer Award for visionary and pioneering work demonstrating thermomagnetic processing as a new and enabling synthesis, catalysis, and processing approach to customize microstructure and properties at the atomistic- through- macroscopic scales
  2. Claus Daniel - wins Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment for catalyzing, through technical insights, strategic vision, and team building, research at ORNL in energy storage and for laying the groundwork for substantial funding increases by articulating specialized
    and unique battery research and development.
  3. Gerard M. Ludtka - wins Secretary of Energy Honor Achievement Awardfor providing exceptional service to the Department and the American people. This award recognizes employees whose performance goes above and beyond the call of duty in their work endeavors.

R&D Award Winners:

  1. "ORNL researchers win eight R&D 100 awards" (July 20, 2009, News Release)
  2. PulseForge 3100 - submitted jointly by Stan Farnsworth of NovaCentrix and a team led by Chad Duty of ORNL's Materials Science and Technology Division.
  3. Alumina-forming austenitic stainless steels - invented and submitted by a team led by Michael Brady of ORNL's Material Science and Technology Division.
  4. Thermomagnetic processing technology - developed and submitted jointly by Gerard Ludtka of ORNL's Materials Science and Technology Division, Aquil Ahmed of Eaton, Aashish Chourey of American Magnetics and Ronald Akers of Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic