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    The AFA steel team: Seated, Alan Liby, Alexander DeTrana, Mike Brady, Yukinori Yamamoto; Standing, Michael Santella, Joseph Marasco, Bruce Pint, Craig Blue


    1. David Wood received the “Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishment” For high-impact research results related to the development of high-performance battery materials and their implementation into commercial processes.
    2. Yukinori Yamamoto was part of the team that won the Excellence in Technology Transfer” and the “Director's Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment” for work on licensing of the Alumina-Forming Austenitic (AFA) steel family to Carpenter Technology Corp. earlier this year. The team consisted of Craig Blue, Michael Brady, Alex DeTrana, Alan Liby, Joe Marasco, Phil Maziasz, Bruce Pint, Michael Santella and Yukinori Yamamoto.
      The citation noted the development and licensing of AFA steels, a revolutionary new class of heat-resistant steels for higher energy production and chemical process industry applications. The group had earlier earned the UT-Battelle Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer. Kevin Rhodes received the Margaret C. Etter Student Lecture Award from the American Crystollograpic Associations Powder Diffraction Special Interest Group, based on his abstract submission to the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association.  Kevin’s oral presentation “In situ XRD of Li(Mn1.5Ni0.5)O4Cathodes for Lithium Ion Batteries During Formation and Operation Cycles.”
    3. In March 2011, the AFA alloy family was licensed by Carpenter Technology Corporation (CTC), a $2.2 billion market capitalization manufacturer of specialty alloys based in Wyomissing, Pa. AFA scale-up activities with CTC in 2010-2011 included a successful 10,000 lb trial production heat and demonstration of manufacture of AFA steels in foil, sheet, plate, and tubular product forms needed for multiple markets and applications.  Inventors are Michael Brady, Yukinori Yamamoto, Phil Maziasz, Michael Santella, and Bruce Pint.
    4. Gerard Ludtka has been invited by ASM International to server on the 2011 ASM Nominating Committee.

R&D 100 Award Winners:

    1. Mesoporous Carbon for Capacitive Deionization Electrodes for Desalination - developed and jointly submitted by ORNL's Sheng Dai and Richard Mayes of the Chemical Sciences Division, David DePaoli and Costas Tsouris of the Energy and Transportation Science Division, James Kiggans Jr. of the Materials Science and Technology Division, Craig Blue, director of the Energy Materials Program, Charles Schaich of the Measurment Science and Systems Engineering Division, former post doctoral researcher Xiquing Wang and Frederic W. Seamon III of Campbell Applied Physics.
    2. CermaClad - jointly developed and submitted by MesoCoat of Euclid, Ohio, Edison Materials Technology Center of Dayton, Ohio, and ORNL. The ORNL team consists of Craig Blue, director of the Energy Materials Program, Art Clemons of the Energy Materials Program, Nancy Dudney, Chad Duty, David Harper, Adrian Sabau and Vinod Sikka of the Materials Science and Technology Division, Ron Ott of the Energy and Transportation Science Division and John Rivard of the Global Security Directorate.
    3. New Stainless Steel Alloy Tooling For High Temperature Presses that Form Aircraft Components - developed and jointly submitted by Roman Pankiw, Don Voke and Alberto Jablonski of Duraloy Technologies and an ORNL team consisting of Govindarajan Muralidharan, Phil Maziasz, Neal Evans, Mike Santella, Chris Stevens, Jackie Mayotte, Ed Kenik, Vinod Sikka and Ken Liu.