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  • Nancy Dudney, UT-Battelle Distinguished Inventor, first woman at ORNL to attain 14 patents (August 2014)
  • Nancy Dudney, was recently elected as a Electrochemical Society Fellow in recognition of her scientific achievements and service to the society (August 2013)



This group investigates the fundamental properties of electrochemically and catalytically active materials, as well as their fabrication into functional and practical systems.  Many studies lead to laboratory prototypes for electrical energy storage, catalytic reactors and separation systems.  Other programs seek a basic understanding of atomic level mechanisms, materials stability, and interfaces. 

Key research areas:

Key facilities and expertise:

  • Electrochemical and battery cycling
  • Synthesis and characterization of air sensitive materials
  • Vacuum film deposition by sputtering, evaporation, chemical vapor deposition


DUDNEY, Nancy J..
Group Leader 865.576.4874 865.574.4066
WILSON, Suzanne M.
Administrative Assistant 865.574.4477 865.574.5812