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  • Nancy Dudney, Corporate Fellow (2015)
  • Chaitanya K.Narula, Inventor of the Year" award on Battelle Celebration of Solvers Awards Night from Jeff Wadsworth, President and CEO, Battelle Corp.(2015)
  • Nancy Dudney, UT-Battelle Distinguished Inventor, first woman at ORNL to attain 14 patents (2014)
  • Nancy Dudney, was recently elected as a Electrochemical Society (ECS) Fellow in recognition of her scientific achievements and service to the society (2013)




  3D Battery Animation
  3D Battery Animation

Thin-film rechargeable lithium batteries have numerous possible applications as active or standby power sources for microelectronics. Examples of active power sources include implantable medical devices, remote sensors, miniature transmitters, smart cards, and MEMS devices. Standby power applications include PCMCIA cards and other types of CMOS-SRAM memory devices.


This figure illustrates how a thin-film battery can be integrated with a multichip module. A thin-film Li-LiCoO2 battery was fabricated onto the back side of the ceramic package. Contact with the circuit on the front side was made by depositing the cathode and anode current collectors over gold-plated through-holes. The battery was designed to supply 150 µAh between 4.2 and 3.8 V at a low current.