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  • Nancy Dudney, Corporate Fellow (2015)
  • Chaitanya K.Narula, Inventor of the Year" award on Battelle Celebration of Solvers Awards Night from Jeff Wadsworth, President and CEO, Battelle Corp.(2015)
  • Nancy Dudney, UT-Battelle Distinguished Inventor, first woman at ORNL to attain 14 patents (2014)
  • Nancy Dudney, was recently elected as a Electrochemical Society (ECS) Fellow in recognition of her scientific achievements and service to the society (2013)



Layout and Design

The thin film components of the battery - current collectors, cathode, electrolyte, anode, and the protective coating - are deposited by sputtering or evaporation using standard techniques. The batteries can be fabricated on virtually any solid substrate such as silicon, alumina, glass, and plastics. Experimental cells typically have areas of 0.5 to 25 cm2, but there is no fundamental limit on the areal dimensions, either larger or smaller. A schematic cross section drawing and fabrication steps can be viewed here: We gratefully acknowledge the support over many years by the United States Department of Energy's Division of Materials Science, Division of Chemical Sciences and Laboratory Technology Transfer Research Program. The principal technical contact in the Physical Chemistry of Materials Group is Nancy Dudney; tel. (865) 576-4874, e-mail