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  • Nancy Dudney, Corporate Fellow (2015)
  • Chaitanya K.Narula, Inventor of the Year" award on Battelle Celebration of Solvers Awards Night from Jeff Wadsworth, President and CEO, Battelle Corp.(2015)
  • Nancy Dudney, UT-Battelle Distinguished Inventor, first woman at ORNL to attain 14 patents (2014)
  • Nancy Dudney, was recently elected as a Electrochemical Society (ECS) Fellow in recognition of her scientific achievements and service to the society (2013)



Properties and Performance

The performance characteristics are determined by the type of cathode material, its area and thickness, by the type of anode (metallic lithium, lithium-ion, or lithium-free), and by the operating temperature. The choice of cathode material and the deposition and processing methods used to prepare the cathode film determine the operating voltage range, capacity, specific power, specific energy, cycle life and performance at elevated temperatures. Data for several types of batteries under investigation at ORNL are summarized on the pages linked below. Data for cells with crystalline LiMn2O4 and amorphous or crystalline V2O5 are available on request.