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  • Lynn Boatner, Joanne Ramey, Hu Longmire, research featured in the 2013 Allied High Tech Products, Inc. Calendar in the form of a color micrograph for the month of March, 2013.
  • Lynn Boatner, Joanne Ramey, research featured on the cover of the textbook: Essentials of Materials Science and Engineering (3rd Edition), by Donald R. Askeland and Wendelin J. Wright, 2013.
  • Amit Goyal, ORNL/UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow, receives the 2012 World Technology Award.
  • Highest Pinning Force, High-Temperature Superconducting Wires with Double-Perovskite Tantalate Nano-Pinning Centers was jointly developed and submitted by ORNL and SuperPower Inc., a subsidiary of Furakawa Electric Company, Japan, and the University of Houston. The ORNL team consisted of Amit Goyal, Sung-hun Wee, Claudia Cantoni and Eliot Specht (2012).



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