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Group members are actively collaborating with scientists at ORNL, across the U.S. and around the world.

Collaborations include:

  • ORSOAR- Oak Ridge synchrotron organization for advanced research which supports collaborative research between ORNL and University scientists
  • UNI-Cat- University National Laboratory Industry Collaborative access team which is developing three beamlines for advanced materials characterization at the Advanced Photon Source. Member institutions are Oak Ridge National laboratory, U. of Illinois, National Institute of Standards and UOP
  • MHATT-Cat: Group scientists are associate members of the Michigan Howard University, Lucent technology collaborative access team which is developing a beamline at the APS
  • Joint research grant with scientists from Sandia to study local correlations in solid solution alloys
  • ALS: Group members are participating research team members on the ALS microprobe beamline
  • CRDF grant: The group includes a principle investigator of a co-operative research grant with scientists at the Metallurgical Institute of Kiev in the Ukraine
  • Collaborating scientists from Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and from major institutions such as Lucent, Dow ,UOP, Argonne, Sandia etc. use our facilities

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