Bing Qi

Bing Qi, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Dr. Bing Qi is a Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received a Ph.D. in Optics in 1996 from Dalian University of Technology and joined the ORNL staff in 2013. Before joining ORNL, he was a Senior Research Associate in Quantum Communication group and Emerging Fiber-Optic Technologies group, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto. Dr. Qi’s research interests include quantum communication and optical sensing.


Selected Publications

[Quantum Communication]

1. Feihu Xu, Bing Qi, Zhongfa Liao, and Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Long distance measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with entangled photon sources”, Applied Physics Letters 103, 061101 (2013)

2. Hoi-Kwong Lo, Marcos Curty, Bing Qi, “Measurement device independent quantum key distribution”, Physical Review Letters 108, 130503 (2012)

3. Bing Qi, “Quantum key distribution based on frequency-time coding: security and feasibility”, arXiv: 1101.5995v1

4. Bing Qi, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo, “A brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineers”, arXiv:1002.1237v2

5. Feihu Xu, Bing Qi, Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Experimental demonstration of phase-remapping attack in a practical quantum key distribution system”, New Journal of Physics 12, 113026 (2010)

6. Bing Qi, Wen Zhu, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Feasibility of quantum key distribution through dense wavelength division multiplexing network”, New Journal of Physics 12, 103042 (2010)

7. Bing Qi, Yue-Meng Chi, Hoi-Kwong Lo, Li Qian, “High-speed quantum random number generation by measuring phase noise of a single-mode laser”, Optics Letters 35, 312-314 (2010)

8. Yi Zhao, Chi-Hang Fred Fung, Bing Qi, Christine Chen, Hoi-Kwong Lo “Experimental demonstration of time-shift attack against practical quantum key distribution systems”, Physical Review A 78 042333 (2008)

9. Bing Qi, Lei-Lei Huang, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Experimental study on Gaussian-modulated coherent states quantum key distribution over standard telecom fiber”, Physical Review A 76 052323 (2007)

10. Chi-Hang Fred Fung, Bing Qi, Kiyoshi Tamaki, and Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Phase-Remapping Attack in Practical Quantum Key Distribution Systems”, Physical Review A 75 032314 (2007)

11. Bing Qi, Chi-Hang Fred Fung, Hoi-Kwong Lo, Xiongfeng Ma, “Time-shift attack in practical quantum cryptosystems,” Quantum Information and Computation, 7(1): 73-82 (2007)

12. Bing Qi, “Single photon continuous variable quantum key distribution based on energy-time uncertainty relation,” Optics letters 31, 2795-2797 (2006)

13. Yi Zhao, Bing Qi, Xiongfeng Ma, Hoi-Kwong Lo, Li Qian, “Experimental Quantum Key Distribution with Decoy States,” Physical Review Letters 96, 070502 (2006)

14. Xiongfeng Ma, Bing Qi, Yi Zhao, Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Practical decoy state for quantum key distribution,” Physical Review A 72, 012326 (2005)

[Optical Sensing]

15. Bing Qi, Fei Ye, Li Qian, and Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Reflectometry based on a frequency-shifted interferometer using sideband interference”, Optics Letters 38, 1083-1085 (2013)

16. Fei Ye, Bing Qi, and Li Qian, “Multipoint Continuous-wave fiber cavity ring-down measurements using frequency-shifted interferometry”, Optics Letters 36, 2080-2082 (2011)

17. Fei Ye, Li Qian, Yu Liu and Bing Qi, “Using Frequency-Shifted Interferometry for Multiplexing a Fiber Bragg Grating Array,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letter 20, 1488-1490 (2008)

18. Bing Qi, Li Qian, Andrew Tausz and Hoi-Kwong Lo, “Frequency-shifted Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Locating Multiple Weak Reflections along a Fiber Link,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letter 18, 295-297 (2006)

19. Bing Qi, Andrew Tausz, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo, “High-resolution, large dynamic range fiber length measurement based on frequency-shifted asymmetrical Sagnac interferometer,” Optics Letters 30, 3287-3289 (2005)

20. Bing Qi, A. Phillip Himmer, Maggie L. Gordon, Victor X. D. Yang, L. David Dickensheets, I. Alex Vitkin, “Dynamic focus control in high-speed optical coherence tomography based on a microelectromechanical mirror,” Optics Communications 232 (1-6): 123-128 (2004)

21. Victor X. D. Yang, Maggie L. Gordon, Bing Qi, Julius Pekar, Stewart Lo, Emily Seng-Yue, Alvin Mok, Brian C. Wilson, I. Alex Vitkin, “High speed, wide velocity dynamic range Doppler optical coherence tomography (Part I): System design, signal processing, and performance,” Optics Express 11: 794-809 (2003)

22. Victor X. D. Yang, Bing Qi, Maggie L. Gordon, Emily. Seng-Yue, Stuart Bisland, Shou-jiang Tang, Norman E. Marcon, I. Alex Vitkin, Brian C. Wilson, “In vivo feasibility of endoscopic catheter-based Doppler optical coherence tomography,” Gastroenterology 124 (4): A49-A50 Suppl. S (2003)

23. Bing Qi, Gary R. Pickrell, Jucheng Xu, Po Zhang, Yuhong Duan, Wei Peng, Zhengyu Huang, Wei Huo, Hai Xiao, Russell G. May, Anbo Wang, “Novel date processing techniques for dispersive white light interferometer,” Optical Engineering 42(11): 3165-3171 (2003)

24. Bing Qi, Gary R. Pickrell, Po Zhang, Yuhong Duan, Wei Peng, Juncheng Xu, Zhengyu Huang, Jiangdong Deng, Hai Xiao, Zhiyong Wang, Wei Huo, Russell G. May, Anbo Wang, “Fiber optic pressure and temperature sensors for oil down hole application,” Proceedings of SPIE, 4578: 182-190 (2002)

News and Events

The Marconi Society recently highlighted ORNL Wigner Fellow Joseph Lukens in their blog. In 2015, Joe was named a Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar. You can see the post here.

Raphael C. Pooser and Benjamin Lawrie have been recognized as authors of one of Optica’s top 15 most-cited papers for 2015 for "Ultrasensitive measurement of microcantilever displacement below the shot-noise limit," Optica 2, 393-399 (2015). A link to the paper is available here.

Congratulations to Ben Lawrie, who received an appointment as a Joint Faculty Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UTK. He joins QIS researchers Ali Passian, Raphael Pooser, and Bing Qi, who also hold joint faculty appointments at UTK.

On March 30, Wigner Fellow Joseph Lukens presented his research on pulse shaping entangled photons at Spectral and Spatial Engineering of Quantum Light (SSEQL 2016), held in Warsaw. More information about the workshop can be found here.

Quantum Mechanical Burglar Alarm: QIS researchers Brian Williams and Travis Humble, along with Keith Britt, recently published a paper in Physical Review Applied describing a “tamper-indicating quantum seal.” Read more about the work at here.