GAAT W6 Samples

Samples From GAAT-W6 Tank Description
GAATW6-007A Sample as received
GAATW6-007B Shipping materials for sample
GAATW6-007C Sample after removal from shipping container
GAATW6-007D&E Side views of sample portion after DI water rinse
GAATW6-008A Slurry sample as received
GAATW6-008B Slurry sample after transfer to bottle
GAATW6-009A Larger solids observed (as received) - view 1
GAATW6-009B Larger solids observed (as received) - view 2
GAATW6-009C Solids spread out 
GAATW6-009D Types of solids observed
GAATW6-009 - Type 1 Water rinsed Type 1 crystals
GAATW6-009 - Type 2 Water rinsed Type 2 solids
GAATW6-010 No sample present in core bit
GAATW6-011 Two samples present in core bit
W6-011a-ends End views of core sample
W6-011b-ends End views of core sample
GAATW6-012 One core present
W6-012-ends End views of core sample
GAATW6-014 Side and end view
GAATW6-015 Side and end view
GAATW6-016 Side and end view
GAATW6-017 Side and end view
GAATW6-018 Side and end view

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