Miscellaneous Data for the 1996-1997 Sampling and Analysis Campaigns of the MVST, BVEST, and OHF Tank Complexes


J. M. Giaquinto
J. M. Keller
T. P. Mills

July 1997

Starting in 1996 and continuing into 1997, there were several major sampling and analysis campaigns undertaken to characterize the contents of the Active Liquid Low-Level Waste (LLLW) tanks located at ORNL and the Old Hydrofracture Facility (OHF) tanks located in Melton Valley within Waste Area Grouping (WAG) 5. The active LLLW tanks include the Melton Valley Storage Tanks (MVST) and the Bethel Valley Evaporator Service Tanks (BVEST). The characterization data obtained for these campaigns are summarized in three earlier ORNL technical reports. Included in these reports are data which addresses waste processing options, performance assessment (PA) for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), criticality concerns, and DOT requirements for transporting the waste. Also, included is an evaluation of the waste's characteristics with respect to the waste acceptance criteria (WAC) for WIPP and Nevada Test Site (NTS).

As part of these campaigns there were also other miscellaneous tests performed and data collected to address important engineering and remediation issues that were not included in the previous reports. These miscellaneous tests are summarized in this report and include 1) fusion preparations for total anion analysis on selected MVST, BVEST, and OHF sludges, 2) settling tests performed on the BVEST and OHF sludges, 3) dried density data for the MVST sludges, 4) particle size analysis on selected BVEST and OHF sludges, and 5) the analysis of hydroxylamine in the BVEST supernates and sludges. Also, the viscosity and flow curves for BVEST waste are restated in this report using apparent viscosity with further detail included about the flow characteristics that were observed.

ORNL/TM-13455 in PDF Format