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2x4 Wood-Framed Wall with Guardian ATS Fiberglass Batts, Local Aerogel Inserts, and Sprayed PU Foam Insulation.


During September and October 2005, ORNL research team constructed and tested 2x4 wood frame wall insulated with 3-in. thick, newly-introduced by Guardian, ATS fiberglass batts and ½-in. thick layer of the sprayed polyurethane (PU) foam. In this wall, which was tested in the ORNL guarded hot box using ASTM C-1363 procedure, 2x4 wood studs were installed at 16-in. on center. Conventional ½-in. thick OSB sheathing was used on the side where PU foam was installed. On the opposite side of the wall ½-in. thick gypsum board was installed. Figures 1 depicts this wall configuration.

Figure 1. Experimental 2x4 wall configuration containing aerogel caps.

In this test, wood studs were locally insulated with ¼-in. thick and 2.5-in. wide aerogel strips. Aerogel insulation is a nano-technology which has been utilized by NASA for aerospace applications. Thermal resistivity of the aerogel insulation is about R-12 per in. Figure 2 shows view of the wall hot-box test specimen before installation of the fiberglass batts.

This research project was conducted in collaboration with Guardian Building Products.

Figure 2. Test specimen of the 2x4 wall before installation of the fiberglass batts.


For more information please contact Dr. Jan Kosny


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