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The Arxx wall system (formerly known as AAB Building System's Blue Maxx) consists of interlocking, lightweight expanded polystyrene forms. Hot box tests were performed to determine steady-state thermal performance of the clear wall area of the AAB Bluemaxx wall systems with 11-1/2 -in. thick expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam wall forms. AAB Bluemaxx wall forms are made of 2-1/2-in. EPS foam shells with a density of app. 1.6 lb/ft³. Normally, the AAB Blue Maxx wall can be covered by light-weight stucco, brick, or siding on the outside. Gypsum board is used to finish interior wall surface. For the hot box tests, an unfinished wall was used.

Thermal conductivities of the wall form foam was tested by Oak Ridge National Laboratory Building Technolody Center (ORNL BTC) using hot plate apparatus - ASTM C 518-91. Thermal conductivity of expanded polystyrene foam at mean temperature 75 deg.F was k a = 0.2550 Btu-in./hft²F.

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