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Description Of Wall

Personnel from Monotech, Inc. came to the BTC to construct their test wall on site. The wall system consisted of approximately 4-inches of expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) in 2 each 4-ft x 8-ft sections. Two additional 1-ft x 8-ft sections were used to extend the wall 12-in into the guard area on both sides. These sections were shiplapped and reinforced structurally around the sides with a 2 ½-in. wide “H” track, flush with the warm side surface. This configuration left an approximately 1 ½-in. deep x 3-in. wide gap between the wall sections on the cold side which was subsequently filled with EPS filler strips, providing a thermal break between the metal and wall face.

Wall Measurements

The completed test wall measured 10-ft wide x 8-ft tall and was positioned in the test frame such that the wall was centered both vertically and horizontally over the metering chamber opening. The bottom and top tracks were even with the bottom and top metering chamber gaskets. The vertical studs (“H” tracks) were positioned such that side gaskets on the metering chamber sealed in the center of the outer studs. Since the wall was ten feet long in the horizontal direction, it extended one foot into the guard chamber on each side. The chamber conditions for this test were 100 °F and 50 °F in the metering and climate chambers, respectively. Because the wall surface was of a masonry construction, test conditions were maintained for approximately 446 hours to assure drying. No drift in heat flux or temperature was noted for the last 150 hours of the test.



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