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The test plan called for personnel from par/PAC™ ─ GNMC to fabricate a total of four wood framed test walls on-site at the Buildings Technology Center . Two of the test walls were of nominal 2-in. by 4-in. wood stud construction, 16-in. on-center (OC) and the other two were nominal 2-in. by 6-in. wood stud construction, 16-in. OC. The cavities on one each of the 2 x 4 walls and one each of the 2 x 6 walls were insulated with the par/PAC dry pac wall system while the cavities of the other two walls were insulated with typical fiberglass batts, nominal R-11 for the 2 x 4 wall and nominal R-19 for the 2 x 6 wall. Personnel from ParPac built all four wall frames and then insulated and completed the cellulose walls. Personnel from the BTC insulated and completed the fiberglass walls. The following pictures shows one of the ParPac's walls being prepared for insulation and actual blowing of the cellulose.

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