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New Whole Wall R-value Calculators As A Part Of The ORNL Material Database For Whole Building Energy Simulations

These calculators are replacing the old Whole Wall Thermal Performance calculator. These new versions of the calculator contain many new features and are part of the newly developed Interactive Envelope Materials Database for Whole-Building Energy Simulation Programs.

The simple version of the Whole Wall R-value calculator is now available
for use. This calculator is similar to the previous Whole Wall Thermal
Performance calculator and does not require any downloads from the user.
However, it was updated to allow calculations for fourteen wall details
instead of nine. It simply runs over the Internet. Use this calculator for
whole wall R-value calculations and for direct comparisons of different
wall technologies. This calculator uses a residential building containing a
rectangle slab-on-grade foundation with one floor containing a set amount
of windows and doors. A link is available for detailed specifications of
the example building.

If using a modem or slower internet connection use the following link:

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For faster connections:

Go To Simple Calculator

The new complex Whole Wall R-value calculator offers many new advancements over the old tool, including the capability of whole wall calculations for complex residential buildings (fourteen new architectural details, three types of foundations, five shapes of floor plans, multi-story building options, etc.).  The new material database will provide a direct link between existing hotbox testing results, advanced three-dimensional heat transfer simulations, and whole building energy analysis. Only hotbox tested wall systems will be represented in this new database.

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New Features Include:
  14 New Details Complete With Line Drawings and 3D Renderings
Multi-story and Complex Building Capabilities
Links To Hot Box Testing
Generation of Input Files for Whole Building Energy Simulation Programs (in development)
Thermal Mass Credits

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Download Both Whole Wall R-value Calculator And Thermal Mass Calculator


Attention All Building Material Producers

If you are interested in having materials represented within the calculator, please email Dr. Jan Kosny at:


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