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A General-Purpose Conduction Heat Transfer Code

HEATING is a general-purpose conduction heat transfer program developed at ORNL to solve steady-state and transient heat conduction problems in one-, two-, or three-dimensional Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical coordinates. Although HEATING was not written specifically for the modeling of building envelope components, it is particularly well suited for that task. Staff at ORNL have considerable experience in the use of HEATING in the modeling of steady-state and dynamic heat transfer through building envelopes. HEATING was used to perform all of the heat transfer analyses needed to generate the database used by the Whole-Wall Thermal Performance Calculator. A specialized version of HEATING, EQV_WALL, has been developed to characterize the dynamic thermal behavior of massive wall systems exhibiting two- or three-dimensional heat transfer. EQV_WALL calculates the response factors, thermal structure coefficients, overall R-value, and capacitance of a wall. It then determines a one-dimensional, multi-layer wall that exhibits the same dynamic thermal performance as the original two- or three-dimensional wall system.

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