Modeling Two- and Three- Dimensional heat Transfer Through Composite Wall and Roof Assemblies in Transient Energy Simulation Programs (1145-TRP)

List of Tables

Table 4.1 Resistance, Transmittance and Capacitance of the Wall
Table 4.2 Dimensionless 3D Z-Transfer Function Coefficients
Table 4.3 3-D Response Factors; calculated with the help of the finite
Table 4.4 3-D Response Factors Ratio, Dimensionless 3-D response Factors and Z-Transfer Functions of the First Order
Table 4.5 Structure factors and time constants
Table 4.6 Thermophysical properties of the equivalent wall - IP units
Table 4.7 Dimensionless z-transfer function coefficients and first time constants
Table 4.8 Response Factors for the Equivalent Wall [Btu/h ft2 F]
Table 5.1 Dimensionless Z-Transfer Function Coefficients for the Equivalent Wall
Table 5.2 Frequency Response for the 3-D and Equivalent Wall Model; Dimensionless Amplitude and Time Shift for Frequency 1/24 h-1
Table 6.1 DOE-2.1 Required MATERIAL Units
Table 6.2 Summary of Area Calculations

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