OrigenArp for Windows 2.00

System Requirements

To install and use the OrigenArp for Windows GUI, you must have the following:

You should also install the PlotOPUS and OPUS programs. These are included in separate download files:

OrigenArp Installation Procedure

OrigenArp is distributed as a self-extracting WinZip file. When executed, the OrigenArp WinZip file installs on the hard disk those files that you will need to run OrigenArp. The default setting is to install OrigenArp in C:\OrigenArp. WinZip allows the user to specify a different installation folder.

The file "arpdata.txt" will be read from the SCALE data directory, if SCALE 4.4 or 4.4a is installed on your PC. If SCALE is not installed, then arpdata.txt will be read from the directory where OrigenArp.exe is located.

To execute OrigenArp, click on the OrigenArp.exe icon in the folder where you installed OrigenArp. You can click on the icon and drag it to the desktop or the Start button to create a shortcut in either of those areas.

If you have previously created ORIGEN-ARP cases with the old DOS version, you can import the ASCII input files (*.in or *.inp) using the OrigenArp "Import (Ctrl+R)" option under the "File" menu. Do NOT attempt to open or import the binary files from the old DOS version (files with extensions of *.arp, *.cmp, *.dcy, or *.dpl).