Javapeño 5.1.1 includes a full-featured applet mode.  All features included in the application mode can now be used in the applet mode.  To accomplish this, the Javapeño applet had to be signed with a security certificate.  Before running Javapeño in applet mode, the certificate must be accepted.   Please follow these steps to accept the ceritificate:

  1. When opening the webpage containing the applet you may see this dialog:
    Security Warning dialog
  2. Click "More Information".  You should see this dialog:
    More infomation dialog
  3. Click Certificate Details...
  4. In the next dialog, verify that the following information is correct:
    • The version value should be:  V1
    • Serial Number should be:  1152193411
    • Signature Algorithm should be:  SHA1withDSA
    • Issuer should be:
      • CN=Javapeno,
      • OU=NSTD
      • O=Oak Ridge National Laboratory
      • L=Oak Ridge,
      • ST=TN
      • C=US
    • Validity should be:
      • From Thu Jul 06 09:43:32 EDT 2006
      • To: SUn Jul 03 09:43:31 EDT 2016
    • Subject should be:
      • CN=Javapeno
      • OU=NSTD
      • O=Oak Ridge National Laboratory
      • L=Oak Ride,
      • ST=TN
      • C=US
    • The signature contains 3 lines.  Each line contains (up to) 16 hexadecimal followed by a "readable" version of the line.  Please verify that the hexadecimal pairs match:
      • Line 0000: 30 2C 02 14 43 B0 6A 05     9D 92 72 24 6F D7 A5 77
      • Line 0010: B0 BB 8A 32 B8 14 E4 3D     02 14 7E 2B F4 83 BC 55
      • Line 0020: E9 95 F2 E9 98 03 95 BE     DB 2C B4 2E 48 7E

If all of the above matches, the applet has been authenticated.  Click close on the Details dialog.  Click close on the More Information dialog.  Check the box to always trust content from this publisher.  Then click Run.  The applet should now load.   If you are using Internet Explorer, you may have to allow active content on the webpage and then click on the applet.