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2008 Publications

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B. L. Kirk, "The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC): A Resource for Nuclear Science Applications," Proc. IEEE 2008 Nuclear Science Symposium, Dresden, Germany, October 19-25, 2008.

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S. M. Bowman, KENO-VI Primer:  A Primer for Criticality Calculations with SCALE/KENO-VI Using GeeWiz, ORNL/TM-2008/069, UT-Battelle, LLC, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 2008.

C. W. Forsberg, “High-Temperature Reactors for Underground Liquid-Fuels Production with Direct Carbon Sequestration,” paper 8024 in Proceedings of ICAPP ’08, June 8–12, 2008, Anaheim, California.

C. W. Forsberg, P. F. Peterson, and R. A. Kochendarfer, “Design Options for the Advanced High-Temperature Reactor,” paper 8026 in Proceedings of ICAPP ’08, June 8–12, 2008, Anaheim, California.

S. M. Bowman, SCALE Newsletter,Vol. 38, July 2008.
C. W. Forsberg, M. B. Gorensek, S. Herring, and P. Pickard, Next Generation Nuclear Plant Phenomena Identification and Ranking Tables (PIRTs) Volume 6: High-Temperature Materials PIRTs, NUREG/CR-6944, Vol. 6 (ORNL/TM-2007/147, Vol. 6 ), U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, March 2008.
S. M. Bowman, SCALE Newsletter,Vol. 37, January 2008. 

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