SCALE Validation / Benchmark Reports

Spent Fuel Characterization and Decay Heat

Technical Basis for a Proposed Expansion of Regulatory Guide 3.54—Decay Heat Generation in an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation
NUREG/CR-6999 (ORNL/TM-2007/231)

Validation of SCALE 5 Decay Heat Predictions for LWR Spent Nuclear Fuel
NUREG/CR-6972 (ORNL/TM-2008/015)

Spent Fuel Decay Heat Measurements Performed at the Swedish Central Interim Storage Facility
NUREG/CR-6971 (ORNL/TM-2008/016)

Analysis of Experimental Data for High Burnup PWR Spent Fuel Isotopic Validation—ARIANE and REBUS Programs (UO2 Fuel)
NUREG/CR-6969 (ORNL/TM-2008/072)

Analysis of Experimental Data for High Burnup PWR Spent Fuel Isotopic Validation—Calvert Cliffs, Takahama, and Three Mile Island Reactors
NUREG/CR-6968 (ORNL/TM-2008/071)

Updates to the ORIGEN-S Data Libraries Using ENDF/B-VI, FENDL-2.0, and EAF-99 Data


Isotopic Analysis of High-Burnup PWR Spent Fuel Samples From the Takahama-3 Reactor

Strategies for Application of Isotopic Uncertainties in Burnup Credit

MOX Cross-Section Libraries for ORIGEN-ARP


ORIGEN-ARP Cross-Section Libraries for Magnox, Advanced Gas-Cooled, and VVER Reactor Designs

Validation of the SCALE System for PWR Spent Fuel Isotopic Composition Analyses


An Extension of the Validation of the SCALE (SAS2H) Isotopic Predictions for PWR Spent Fuel


Validation of SCALE (SAS2H) Isotopic Predictions for BWR Spent Fuel


Benchmark of SCALE (SAS2H)Isotopic Predictions of Depletion Analyses for San Onofre PWR MOX Fuel


ARP: Automatic Rapid Process for the Generation of Problem-Dependent SAS2H/ORIGEN-S Cross-Section Libraries

Technical Support for a Proposed Decay Heat Guide Using SAS2H/ORIGEN-S Data
NUREG/CR-5625, ORNL-6698

Verification and Validation of the ORIGEN-S Code and Nuclear Data Libraries
RC-1429, COG-I-95-150
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