TRANSCRIPTOME 2002: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology
March 10-13, 2002
Seattle, Washington, USA


LNA (Locked Nucleic Acid) Microarrays - A New Platform for Gene Expression Profiling

Sakari Kauppinen1, Peter Stein Nielsen1, Helle Ohlsson1, Dan Jeffares2, Tobias Mourier2 and Peter Arctander2, 1Department of Expression Microarrays, Exiqon, Vedbaek, DENMARK, 2Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DENMARK

LNAs (locked nucleic acids) constitute a novel class of bicyclic DNA analogues that have an exceptionally high affinity toward complementary DNA and RNA due to increased thermal stability of the heteroduplexes. We have developed a novel technology platform for gene expression profiling by combining the design of highly specific LNA/DNA mixmer oligonucleotides with photoactivated immobilization of the oligonucleotides onto polymer microarray slides via a 5-anthraquinone moiety. We have chosen a subset of genes for the use in LNA microarrays to monitor heat-shock responses in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition, we have analysed alternative splicing as well as heavy metal-induced toxicity responses in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans using highly specific LNA oligoarrays. Technical aspects of the LNA microarray platform as well as data obtained with the yeast and C. elegans model systems will be presented.

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