cDNA Mapping

Department of Energy Human Genome Program
Contractor-Grantee Workshop IV
Santa Fe, NM; November 13-17, 1994

Efforts Toward the Development of a Transcription Map of Human Chromosome 16
The Los Alamos Genomics Group. Presented by Amanda Ford and Cleo Naranjo.

Gene Expression in Hydatidiform Mole
Rebecca Lobb, Cheryl Lemanski, Karen Denison, and Joe Gatewood

Fluorescent in situ Hybridization Mapping of cDNA Clones from an Unusual Human Library
Karen Denison and Joe M. Gatewood

Human cDNA Mapping by Hybridization to High-density megaYAC Dot Blots
Lucy Ling, Betty Borsody, JoAnn Dubois, Jonathan Norcross, Kathy Falls, Romina Bashirzadeh, Liam Haveran, Teresa Kanjuparamban, Ron Lundstrom, and Donald T. Moir

Gene Isolation From Human Chromosome 19
Greg Lennon, Dominique Giorgi, Kimberly Lieuallen, Len Pennacchio, Christa Prange, and Sylvie Rouquier

Mouse-RNAs for the Determination of Stage- and Tissue-Specific Expression Profiles for Human Genes Throughout Development
Dabney K. Johnson and Lisa J. Stubbs

Integrated physical mapping of human cDNAs
Mihael H. Polymeropoulos

Utilization of normalized libraries in cDNA selection experiments to identify transcribed sequences in genomic DNA
Marcelo Bento Soares, Maria de Fatima Bonaldo, Pierre Jelenc, Lee Lawton, Long Su & Argiris Efstratiadis

Reagents For Understanding And Sequencing The Human Genome
J. R. Korenberg, X.N. Chen, S. Gerwehr and
BAC: S. Mitchell, R. Hubert, U.-J. Kim, H. Shizuya, M. Simon, K. Yamakawa.
cDNA: M. Adams, K. Becker, K. Denison, P. Drew, J. Gatewood, G. Guellaen, L. Hood, D. Hwang, G. M. Huang, C.-C. Liew, J. C. Venter

Comparative Mapping of a Conserved Zinc-Finger Gene Cluster in Man and Mouse
Mark Shannon, Michael L. Mucenski, Linda Ashworth, and Lisa Stubbs

Construction of a High Resolution P1 and cDNA Map in the Down Syndrome Region of Chromosome 21
Jan-Fang Cheng and Yiwen Zhu