cDNA Sequencing

Department of Energy Human Genome Program
Contractor-Grantee Workshop IV
Santa Fe, NM; November 13-17, 1994

Using Expressed Sequences as Nucleation Points for Genomic Sequencing
Michael R. Altherr, Amanda Ford, Cleo Naranjo, Judy Buckingham, Chris Munk and Robert K. Moyzis

Fingerprinting, clustering and sequence recognition by hybridization to short oligomers: informational support for targeted cDNA and genomic sequencing
A. Milosavljevic, S. Savkovic, S. Batus, H. Dyanov, A. Gemmell, D. Grujic, D. Salbego, M. Zeremski, Z. Strezoska, T. Paunesku, S. Little, H. Kreuzer, and H. Serrato, R. Crkvenjakov