cDNA Mapping

Department of Energy Human Genome Program
Contractor-Grantee Workshop V
Santa Fe, NM; January 28-February 1, 1996

Towards a Full-length cDNA Library: a Progress Report
Marcelo Bento Soares, Kala Mayur, Maria de Fatima Bonaldo, and Susan Baumes

The I.M.A.G.E. Consortium
Greg Lennon and M. Bento Soares

Hybrid Selection of cDNAs from 1 Megabase of Human Chromosome 19
Wufang Fan and Greg Lennon

Cosmid Binning and cDNA Identification in Human Xq28
Julia E. Parrish. Evan E. Eichler, Beth A. Firulli, A. Craig Chinault, Mark Graves, Andrew Arenson, Cheng Chi Lee, and David L. Nelson

The Application of Exon Trapping, cDNA Direct Selection, Directed Genomic Sequencing and Computational Genomics to the Discovery of Genes in a 20ql3.2 Breast Cancer Amplicon
Colin Collins, Soo-in Hwang, Johanna Rommens, David Kowbel, Christopher Martin, Michael Palazzolo, Gordon Hutchinson, Tony Godfrey, and Joe W. Gray