Workshop on Complete cDNA Sequencing

Gaithersburg, MD
May 19, 1997
IMAGE Participants  

Washington University (St. Louis)  

Baylor College of Medicine  

The Institute for Genomic Research  

Kazusa Research Institute (Japan)  


Joint Genome Institute  

Helix Research Institute (Japan)  

German Human Genome Project (DHGP)  

*Projections contingent on adequate funding 

Target/Yr (5/97-5/98)* 
(# of cDNA Molecules)  

1K-10K, full insert  
1K, full insert  
500+, full length (1-5K/yr)  
300, full length  
1-1.5K, full length  

250, full insert  

500, full length  
1-1.5K, full length  
2-11K full inserts 
3-4K full lengths