Welcome to the Transportation Management Organization (TMO) website. We are part of the Logistical & Fabrication Services Division of the Facilities and Operations Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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Provide "best in class" packaging and transportation services that enhance research and development while ensuring compliance and safety for the public and the environment.


TMO provides technical assistance and guidance regarding transportation-related program planning, problem solving, regulatory compliance, carrier/modal selection, traffic management operations, and packagings qualification and selection. TMO is accountable for packaging and transportation cost control, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and technical assistance to all ORNL organizations and programs.

The mission of TMO is to ensure federal and state regulatory compliance for off-site shipments while minimizing the risk of public harm, environmental degradation, corporate fines and penalties, and damage to corporate reputation. While minimizing these risks, TMO also ensures that its management system will meet customer requirements, satisfaction and schedules.

TMO provides safety oversight of all ORNL packaging and transportation activities involving hazardous materials/wastes (hazmat). This safety oversight effort consists of an ongoing series of independent compliance reviews which target the systems, processes and activities necessary to make off-site shipments safely and in compliance with appropriate federal, state, and local requirements, DOE orders and ORNL policies. TMO also provides guidance for, and oversight of, on-site packaging and transportation activities, maintains the Principal Place of Business, and provides systematic inspections and reviews of the programs in place to carry out the laboratory's motor carrier activities.

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