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UN Packaging Specification and Stores Catalog

(to be used with the receiving inspection checklist included with each specification)
Date Issued: November 15, 1999      Revision: 2

1.     Frequency of Inspection:

Inspection required upon each receipt.

2.     Method of Inspection:

Visual and Dimensional all packagings.
Visual, Dimensional, and Ultrasonic Evaluation, as required, on metal packagings.

3.     Sampling Procedure:]

Based on ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993, AQL: 1.5 for major defects and 25 for minor defects,
General Inspection Level: Normal (see attached). General Inspection Levels may  change at the Packaging Engineers determination of vendor performance.
Documentation of change will be provided.

4.     Inspection Personnel Qualifications:

Visual and Dimensional inspectors are to be qualified by the appropriate site certification and qualification requirements for Receiving Inspectors.

Inspectors performing ultrasonic evaluations are to be either NDT Level-II certified or approved by on-the-job training and instruction by an NDT Level-III inspector or approved qualified equal (approved  by ORNL's Packaging Operations Manager).

5.     Measuring and Testing Equipment & Calibration Status:

M&TE to be used includes: micrometer (type for measuring curvatures), UT thickness apparatus. M&TE used should have a current calibration decal affixed. This should be  verified prior to each use.

6.     Characteristics to be Inspected:

See appropriate checklist included with specification.

7.     Acceptance Criteria:

See appropriate checklist included with specification.

8.     Data to be Recorded:

See appropriate checklist included with specification.

9.     Inspection Records and Retention:

Completed inspection checklists with associated certifications, specifications, etc. are to be maintained for 2 years by the inspecting organization.

Nonconformance Reports, with checklist attached, are to be maintained for 5 years by the QA Specialist assigned to the ORNL Packaging Operations.

Former Inspection Plans (after revision) are to be maintained for 2 years by ORNL Packaging Operations.

General Inspection Level:

II (Normal Inspection)

Acceptable Quality Level:

1.5 for Major Defects; 25 for Minor Defects

Submission of Product:

Unit - one packaging in a lot.
Lot - one distinct item number (on the Receiving Report) received.

Drawing of Samples:

A sample consists of one or more units drawn from a lot. Samples are to be chosen at random and should be evenly dispersed throughout the lot. The number of units in the sample is the sample size.

Classification of Defects

Major Defect - Any nonconformance with dimensional, material, operational, or marking requirements.

Minor Defect - Any significant nonconformance associated with the physical appearance of the packaging (paint, cleanliness, cuts, dents, corrosion, scratches, etc.).

Determining Acceptability:

The number of sample units inspected shall be equal to the sample size given in the plan. If the number of units with defects found in the sample is equal to or less than the acceptance number, the lot shall be considered acceptable. If the number of units with defects is equal to or greater than the rejection number, the lot shall be rejected.

Lot Size
Major Defects Minor Defects
Accept Number Reject Number Accept Number Reject Number
2 to 8 2 0 1 1 2
9 to 15 3 0 1 2 3
16 to 25 5 0 1 3 4
26 to 50 8 0 1 5 6
51 to 90 13 0 1 7 8
91 to 150 20 1 2 10 11
151 to 280 32 1 2 14 15
281 to 500 50 2 3 21 22
501 to 1200 80 3 4 21 22
1201 to 3200 125 5 6 21 22
3201 to 10000 200 7 8 21 22
10001 to 35000 315 10 11 21 22

The information pertained in the above Inspection Plan was extracted from ANSI ASQC Z1.4-1993 (formerly MIL-STD-105D) by Keith S. Joy, Quality Assurance Specialist.


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