Desiccant Humidity Control Van

Desiccant Humidity Control Van
To spread information about these desiccant systems and to broaden and accelerate their deployment, the U.S. Department of Energy has constructed a mobile exhibit featuring the advantages of desiccant humidity control (DHC Van).  It provides a first-hand experience of the comfortable aspects of active humidity control with desiccant systems.  The DHC Van is available for display and demonstration at national, regional, and local meetings of trade associations, professional societies, and utility groups. 

Desiccant Van at a Show

A layout of the DHC Van is shown below. The interior of the DHC Van consists of two compartments: Zone 1 and Zone 2. An airlock separates the two zones. The airlock consists of a semi-transparent wall allowing visitors to see from one compartment to the other, and opposing egress doors for visitors to easily move between compartments while minimizing air exchange between the two zones. Zone 1 uses conventional air conditioning and Zone 2 uses an advanced desiccant-assisted air conditioning system.





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