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National Transportation Research Center

The Transportation Technology Demonstration and Development Team is a member of the of the National Transportation Research Center (NTRC) which has a vision to be a national leader in transportation research, development and technology applications. The Center is working toward this vision by drawing on the talent, facilities, and experience of its constituent members. The goal of the NTRC  is to provide the public and private sectors with state-of-the-art knowledge, understanding and technologies for cost-effective, advanced transportation systems. -- systems that are affordable, while meeting industry standards in safety, security, and convenience.  Within the NTRC, the TTDDT has a 6,000 sq. ft. CVO development and testing bay area, a 30,000 lb. in-ground scale, a multimedia lab, a ITS/CVO technology demonstration lab, and two ITS technology development labs.

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Past Remote Facilities


The transportation research facilities included a state-of-the-art laboratory at the Knox County, Tennessee weighstation, the second busiest weighstation in the country.  The purpose for the laboratory was to conduct on-site RD&D projects consistent with ITS-CVO missions and needs. It included a high-speed weigh-in-motion test lab, data feeds from Tennessee Department of Safety facilities, and connections to ORNL's home office via an ISDN line.  Research activities included research on the conversion of static weighstation scales into enforcement quality weigh-in-motion systems.

Contact Jeff Muhs for additional information about the Weigh-In-Motion.

Tennessee Transportation Technology Test Track (T5)

The Tennessee Transportation Technology Test Track(T5) was designed for and was used in the development of low-speed weigh-in-motion systems; in the development of fiber optic road switches; in vehicle dynamics characterization; in vehicle tire/pressure/loading characterization; in the training and maintenance of transportation systems; and it served as an active weight station for the TN ANG.

The T5 facility was conceived by ORNL and constructed in 1995.   It was the result of bringing the USAF, The Tennessee Air National Guard (TN ANG), the State of Tennessee, and ORNL together to develop a facility for low-speed testing of military, commercial, and passenger vehicles.

The facility is located within the confines of the McGhee Tyson Air Force Base and adjacent to the Knoxville Airport.

Some of the unique features of the facility

Contact Gary J. Capps for additional information about T5.
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