Papers and Publications
D. L. Beshears, M. B. Scudiere, J. D. Muhs, D. D. Earl, and C.P. White, Feasibility Study for Conversion of Static Weigh-Station Scales to High Accuracy, Low-Speed Weigh-In-Motion Systems, Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation, Feb. 1998, ORNL-6939.

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Armfield, J. S., Beshears, D. L., "Phosphor Thermometry for Internal Combustion Engines", Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper No. 971642, Presented at the 1997 Society of Automotive Engineers Spring Fuel and Lubricants Meeting, Dearborn MI, May 5-7, 1997.

Armfield, J. F., Domingo, N., Storey, J. M., Allison, S. W., Beshears, D. L., Cates, M. R., "Powertrain Component Temperature Measurement via Phosphor Themometry", Presented at the World Car Conference, January 19-22, 1997, Riverside California, Ref. No. 97WCC018.

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Beshears, D. L., Nodine, R. N., et al., Automated Vehicle Data Acquisition System (AVDAC), Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corp., ORNL/TM-13210, Oak Ridge, TN, March 1996.
Papers and Publications
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