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Program Manager

Brennan Smith, Ph.D.

Mark Bevelhimer

Fisheries Biologist
Mark Bevelhimer, Ph.D.

Mark Bevelhimer (Masters from Ohio State University and PhD from the University of Tennessee) is a senior staff scientist in the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.  He joined ORNL in 1992 as part of the Water Resources Team to study the impacts of hydropower operations on aquatic resources, and is presently the team lead for environmental studies in ORNL’s Waterpower Program.   His research as an aquatic ecologist/fisheries biologist combines field and laboratory experimentation and computer modeling and ranges from basic fish biology to fisheries management to environmental assessment.   He has contributed to environmental impact assessments for nearly 20 hydropower facilities and has performed a variety of studies to better understand the effects of thermoelectric plants on fish communities.  Most recently he is involved in studies to understand the effects on fish and other aquatic organisms of hydrokinetic devices via potential environmental stressors such as electromagnetic fields, physical interactions, and noise.

budi gunawan

Budi Gunawan, Ph.D.

Dr. Gunawan is a postdoctoral research associate for ORNL’s Energy-Water-Ecosystem Engineering group.  His research combines field and laboratory experimentation and numerical modeling in the field of fluid dynamics, hydrokinetic energy (river, tidal, ocean), and hydraulic engineering.  His recent work includes site and resource assessment at the Verdant Power Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy site, velocity and turbulence measurements around scaled hydrokinetic turbines, validation of the US ocean current resource assessment, tidal energy resource assessment at the Potomac tidal basin, development of standard post-processing methods and tools for velocimetry measurements, and development of improved acoustic velocimetry methods for measuring velocity and turbulence in rivers, tideways and oceans.  Dr. Gunawan serves as an expert member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group for IEC TC-114 PT62600-201, working to develop Technical Specifications for tidal energy resource assessment.