James Horey


About me:

I am a research staff at the Oak Ridge National Lab in the Computational Sciences and Engineering division. My academic interests include distributed systems, programming interfaces, and privacy/security issues for sensor networks and mobile computing environments. My approach to research is primarily systems-oriented: I identify real-world problems, design and implement a novel solution in software, and experimentally validate the software, preferably on actual hardware. Before joining ORNL, I spent some time at the Renaissance Computing Institute in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Even farther in my past, I was a PhD student in the Computer Science department at the University of New Mexico, where I worked with Prof. Arthur B. Maccabe (now Director of the Computer Science and Mathematics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory).


ORNL is an exciting place, and I get to collaborate with many bright and interesting people. Here are some of them:

  • Qing (Charles) Cao (Computer Science Dept., University of Tennessee)
  • Lee Han (Civil Engineering Dept., University of Tennessee)
  • Rob Fowler (Renaissance Computing Institute)
  • Stephanie Forrest (University of New Mexico)

About Oak Ridge:

Oak Ridge National Lab is a Dept. of Energy, Office of Science research lab located near Knoxville, Tennessee. Broadly we research topics that are of importance to the DOE. This includes energy production (nuclear, biofuels), climate change, and the computational sciences. Some things that may be of interest to Computer Scientists include high-performance computing, geospatial data mining, cyber-security, and sensor networks. I'm always interested in collaborators so I if anything sounds interesting to you, give me a shout!

Here are some other cool things: