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Parent Directory - TOWL_1hr_1993.txt 12-Jun-2008 09:44 805K TOWL_1hr_1994.txt 12-Jun-2008 09:44 1.7M TOWL_1hr_1995.txt 12-Jun-2008 09:44 1.7M TOWL_1hr_1998.txt 12-Jun-2008 09:44 1.3M TOWL_1hr_2000.txt 12-Jun-2008 09:44 962K TOWL_1hr_2001.txt 02-May-2006 16:58 1.3M TOWL_1hr_2002.txt 20-Apr-2006 16:15 1.3M TOWL_1hr_2003.txt 04-May-2006 13:58 1.3M TOWL_1hr_2004.txt 04-May-2006 13:58 1.1M TOWL_1hr_2005.txt 15-Mar-2006 16:18 1.3M TOWL_1hr_2006.txt 30-Jan-2007 15:56 1.5M TOWL_1hr_2007.txt 25-Feb-2008 14:37 1.4M TOWL_1hr_2008.txt 30-Jan-2009 15:16 1.5M TOWL_1hr_2009a.txt 11-Jan-2010 17:42 1.9M TOWL_1hr_2009b.txt 11-Jan-2010 17:42 420K TOWL_1hr_2010a.txt 09-Mar-2011 12:10 1.9M TOWL_1hr_2010b.txt 09-Mar-2011 12:11 420K TOWL_1hr_2011a.txt 19-Jan-2012 15:41 1.9M TOWL_1hr_2011b.txt 19-Jan-2012 15:41 420K TOWL_1hr_2012a.txt 18-Feb-2013 11:01 1.9M TOWL_1hr_2012b.txt 18-Feb-2013 11:01 422K TOWL_1hr_2013a.txt 12-Feb-2014 16:04 1.9M TOWL_1hr_2013b.txt 12-Feb-2014 16:04 429K TOWL_1hr_2014a.txt 24-Feb-2015 14:06 1.9M TOWL_1hr_2014b.txt 24-Feb-2015 14:06 429K TOWL_1hr_2015a.txt 28-Jan-2016 14:02 2.0M TOWL_1hr_2015b.txt 28-Jan-2016 14:02 309K TOWL_1hr_2016a.txt 09-Feb-2017 16:01 2.0M TOWL_1hr_2016b.txt 09-Feb-2017 16:01 310K
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