Workshop on Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganites and Related Transition metal Oxides

Telluride, CO June 28, July 3, 2004


All the talks will take place at Telluride Elementary School (447 W. Columbia St.), a preliminary program is available.  A digital projector (for Power Point presentations) and an overhead projector will be available for the talks.

The workshop format is designed to provide for intensive discussion of each presentation as well as for general topical discussions. There will be morning sessions with 30 minute slots for speakers (15-20 min presentation followed by 10-15 min of discussion) followed by free afternoons and ad hoc evening discussion periods. Our experience from the 1998, 2000 and the 2002 CMR workshops demonstrated that this approach was not only highly effective but extremely well-received by all participants. Likewise, the environment in Telluride fostered substantive discussions during afternoon hiking expeditions.

When preparing your talk please consider the following guidelines:

1)    The time allocated for each talk is 30 minutes. The actual presentation should last 15-20 min, this will allow 10-15 min for discussion.  Do not attempt to stuff a 40 minute talk into 30 minutes slot.

2)    In the spirit of the workshop avoid slides that are overly technical or show too much detail. The idea is to promote discussions about the main unresolved issues and about the themes that are “common” among different transition metal oxides.

3)    At the end of the talk show a slide that summarizes what is unknown and what are the challenges for the future. Are there common themes with other oxides? Does your work address one of the questions raised in the 2002 workshop?

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