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I am a research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Current contact details at ORNL.


Model reaction at carbon anode Research is focused on predicting and explaining the properties of materials using computer simulation. Over the last two decades, advances in simulation techniques coupled with increasing computer power have led to several methods able predict physical properties of real materials to a useful accuracy. Moreover, these methods use little or no experimental data, making them especially valuable for the study of new materials and devices. I specialise in the application and development of these so-called "first principles" methods. (Read more about my research).

Research interests are broadly focused on atomistic materials simulation. Ongoing research projects include:

I am a member of the Nanotheory Institute at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) and the Computational Materials Science group in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division.

I spent three years at NREL with Alex Zunger after completing my PhD with Richard Needs at the University of Cambridge. For several years I worked with Mark Jarrell at the University of Cincinnati working on high-temperature cuprate superconductors. In 2009 I changed from a similar position at JICS/UT Knoxville to my current role.

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YBa2Cu3O6 cuprate superconductor

A complete list of presentations is given on a separate page.

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I maintain a complete list of publications, with links to abstracts and online journals on a separate page. There is also a list of publications by subject and RSS feed. .

Alternative lists with citation information are at Thomson Reuters ResearcherID A-6756-2008 and Google Scholar. The former is incomplete while the latter is generous.


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C60 Fullerene

Full online text of my thesis, written in 1999. A postscript file (4.7MB, gzipped) is available.
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