Mac OS X and iOS Utilities


THe utilities included here are provided without warranty under the BSD license unless otherwise indicated.


version 1.0.1  download

Web To Image is a Quartz Composer Patch Plugin which generates an image from a web page. You specify the URL and the web page size and a live image will be generated at the output. This plugin binary is Universal. Note that currently it will not render web pages that use plugins (e.g. QuickTime, Flash).

You need to install this plugin in Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins under either the root or user home directory.

For an example of how to use this patch, visit the SNS Beam Instrumentation Group for more information about the SNS TV developed by Willem Blokland for SNS.

EPICS Channel Access Client Installer

version 2.0  download

EPICS CA Client Installer installs the EPICS CA client binaries for Intel Macs running Leopard. After downloading and before installation, please read the included README file for further information and setup steps. All binaries in this installer are x86 32/64 bit universal.


  1. BulletEPICS client base 3.14.10

  2. BulletEDM 1-12-4 including the Startmap application

  3. BulletObjective-C EPICS framework

  4. BulletJCA/JNI plugin 2.3.2

  5. BulletWeb CA plugin 1.2

  6. BulletCAML 2.0

Javadoc Documentation Set Resources

version 2.0  documentation

This documentation provides a collection of resources for generating a Xcode 3.1 documentation set from a Javadoc.

Browser 64

version 1.2  download

Browser 64 is a very simple 64 bit web browser for Mac OS X Leopard. It is mainly useful to support working with Java 1.6 applets.

Note that you must enter the full URL including the scheme such as “”.


  1. Support for 64 bit plugins

  2. Support for 64 bit Java applets

  3. Opens file and http URLs

  4. Opens webloc files (modern format)

  5. Handles Get URL Apple Events

Screen Recorder

version 1.0  download

Screen Recorder is a Universal application which is ideal for creating tutorials. It allows you to record video of your main computer screen in full resolution. The video is in standard QuickTime H.264 format. You can import the video into another application such as Garage Band or Keynote to add a voice over and other content.

CA Pod

version 4.0  Get the Source Code

CA POD is a new project to create an iOS static library wrapper around the EPICS Channel Access client iOS libraries and to develop apps. It includes a simple demo Probe app.

Library Features:

  1. Channel Access Get, Put and Monitor

  2. Scalar and Array support for short, int, long, float, double and string

  3. Channel Access types mapped to iOS constructs

  4. Channel Access context support

  5. Objective-C interface

Probe App Features:

  1. Monitor a list of numeric scalar process variables

  2. Configure the Channel Access address list on the fly

  3. Enable and Disable individual addresses and sort address

  4. Multitasking support