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Yetta Jager

Research Interests


Opportunities for students

Students interested in ecology that have quantitative skills needed to participate in research (see Current Projects), please inquire.  We often have opportunities for students with experience with programming or scripting languages, advanced statistics, or geographic information systems and software.


Theoretical ecology

    • Can we identify population extinction thresholds in terms of habitat, metapopulation structure, Allee effects, and species life history?
    • How can we optimize resource management practices to incorporate both economic and ecological objectives? 

Energy related research

    • Hydropower influences on fish [meta]populations in rivers (storage capability, regulated flows, population and habitat fragmentation, altered thermal regimes).
    • Effects of converting agricultural land to grow biomass energy crops on water quality in rivers and streams.  


Research tools

    • Population models, ranging from spatially explicit individual-based population models coupled with hydrodynamic habitat models to lumped-parameter models that focus on population and metapopulation dynamics.

    • Ecological statistics:  My interests include 1) appropriate treatment of autocorrelation (spatial, temporal, phylogenetic) in the analysis of ecological data,  2) non-linear and hierarchical empirical models, for example to describe ecological processes subject to limiting factors, 3) functional approaches to validating or testing ecological models, and 4) sampling design.

    • Landscape and river habitat models:  Understanding the influences of human activities often requires physical models to translate from the activity to the effect on plant and animal populations.  We often use hydrodynamic and water quality models to bridge this gap.





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