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Acquisition Management Services Division

This site has been designed for use by both ORNL staffers and the public (including subcontractors and those interested in becoming subcontractors to ORNL). To find out more about us, please follow the provided links. If you are a subcontractor, we especially urge you to check the "Electronic Funds Transfer" link. EFT helps us pay you faster.

The Acquisition Management Services Division includes various  purchasing groups and a group responsible for policies, procedures, records, reports, and compliance.

Most Acquisition Management Services employees are located at 1100 Bethel Valley Road; others are co-located with their customers at the lab, the SNS group is at the CLO building, and the ITER group is located at 1055 Commerce Park.

ORNL is one of DOE’s largest and most diverse research and development organizations. In support of the Lab’s programs we subcontract for a wide variety of products and services. Our total annual expenditures are approximately $876.9 million. We purchase calculators and supercomputers, office supplies and office buildings. We have our own extensive program to award subcontracts to American small businesses.

Lab procurements are important in the state economy. This past year we spent about $279.8 million with firms in Tennessee and over $29.0 million with The University of Tennessee.


*Procurement dollars updated as of September 30, 2018.

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