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Charter for the ORNL Landscaping Review Committee

The ORNL Landscaping Review Committee will:

  • Adhere to the guidelines and spirit of the ORNL Conceptual Landscape Plan (March 2003) .
  • Encourage communication among responsible individuals for activities related to landscaping, grounds maintenance, safe utilization of areas, and project planning .
  • Review and approve landscaping plans for grounds, new and existing facilities, and other areas
    within ORNL responsibility
  • Make effective use of available funds, leveraging resources as much as possible.
  • Revise and update the ORNL Conceptual Landscape Plan, as needed.


The ORNL Landscaping Review Committee is part of the Integrated Facility Management System and the Chair will report to the Director, Facilities and Operations Directorate. The Director of F&O Facilities Strategic Planning will be the subject matter expert with regard to the ORNL Ten Year Site Plan and budget appropriations.


Membership will include individuals with responsibility or interests in landscaping, grounds maintenance, and safety within the ORNL area of responsibility. These organizations include Facilities Development Division, Facilities Management Division, ESHQ Safety Services Division, and Natural Resources Management. Other resource expertise will be brought in as needed.

Roles and Responsibilities

The ORNL Landscaping Review Committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Planning, reviewing, and approving proposed landscaping/hardscape within the ORNL site
  • Meeting on a regular basis to ensure communication among those who plan, implement, and maintain landscaping.
  • Evaluating various options to ensure elimination of duplication of effort, use of cost effective approaches, protection of the environment, compliance with regulations, inclusion of aesthetic appeal, and implementation of new ideas.
  • Communicating funding needs to the Director of F&O Facilities Strategic Planning.


The committee will meet weekly, as needed.

Guidance documents include the ORNL Conceptual Landscaping Plan (ORNL/TM-2003/266) and the ORNL Master Campus Plan.

A listing of landscaping needs/ wishes and status of action items will be maintained.


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