Fluoride Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor Workshop Announcement and Call for Participation

Fluoride Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactor Agenda
Building 5200, Tennessee Rooms (202A—C)

September 20, 2010

Topic Time Topic Presenter
National FHR Development Strategy 7:30 AM Workshop Registration/Check-in  
8:30 AM Workshop Overview David Holcomb – ORNL
8:40 AM Welcome to ORNL Dana Christensen – ORNL
8:50 AM Workshop Welcome and Charter Pete Miller – DOE/NE
9:00 AM US DOE Nuclear R&D Programs Phillip Finck – INL
9:30 AM DOE/NE’s Advanced Reactor Program Matthew Hutmaker – DOE/NE
9:50 AM FHRs and the Future of Nuclear Energy Sherrell Greene – ORNL
Concepts and Applications
Charles Forsberg – MIT Chair
10:15 AM Break  
10:30 AM High-Temperature Salt-Cooled Reactors: Markets and Partners (Fission, Solar Thermal, and Fusion) Charles Forsberg – MIT
10:45 AM The Advanced High Temperature Reactor (AHTR) – First of a New Breed David Holcomb – ORNL
11:00 AM Pebble-Bed Advanced High Temperature Reactor (PB-AHTR) Per Peterson – UCB
11:15 AM SmAHTR – the Small Modular Advanced High Temperature Reactor Sherrell Greene – ORNL
11:30 AM Concept of Small Power Autonomous Molten-Salt Reactor with Micro-Particle Fuel (Reactor Mars) Pavel Alekseev – KI
11:45 AM HEER: Liquid Salt Thermal Reactor Concept Bo Feng – MIT
  12:00 PM Lunch (on your own)  
Concepts and Applications 1:00 PM Concepts and Applications Panel Discussion  
  2:00 PM Tour of ORNL Fluoride Salt Test Loop Facility Grady Yoder – ORNL
Technology Development
Mark Anderson – UW Chair
2:45 PM University Role in FHR Technology Development Mark Anderson – UW
3:00 PM Salt Chemistry – Advances needed to support High Temperature Systems Dave Williams – ORNL
3:15 PM Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR) Materials Challenges Bill Corwin – ORNL
3:30 PM Break  
3:45 PM Facilities and Components Grady Yoder – ORNL
4:00 PM Brayton Power Cycles Steve Wright – SNL
4:15 PM Fuel Development Gary Bell – ORNL
4:30 PM Role of Research Reactors in Advanced Reactor Development and Introduction to MITR Capabilities Gordon Kohse – MIT
4:45 PM Technology Development Panel Discussion  
5:45 PM Adjourn  

September 21, 2010

Topic Time Topic Presenter
FHR Safety and Licensing
Bill Reckley – NRC Chair
8:00 AM FHR Safety Characteristics David Holcomb – ORNL
8:15 AM NRC Advanced Reactor Licensing Process Bill Reckley – NRC-NRO
8:45 AM NGNP Licensing Experience Jim Kinsey – INL
9:00 AM Lessons from the LMR Licensing Strategy George Flanagan – ORNL
9:15 AM UC Berkeley Perspective on FHR Licensing Ed Blandford – UCB
9:30 AM Break  
9:45 AM FHR Safety and Licensing Panel Discussion  
Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Economics
Mike McDowell – Rocketdyne Chair
10:45 AM Salt Loop Component Supply Issues – Solar Power Experience Mike McDowell – Rocketdyne
11:00 AM Haynes International Capabilities: HASTELLOY® N alloy Henry White – Haynes
11:15 AM TRISO Fuel Manufacturing Scott Nagley – B&W
11:30 AM Enriched Lithium – Supply Status and Outlook Dennis Manning – Cerradyne
  11:45 PM Lunch (on your own)  
Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Economics
Mike McDowell – Rocketdyne Chair
12:45 PM Vision for FHRs – TRISO-Graphite Carmelo Rodriguez – GA
1:00 PM Economic Assessment Methodology for Advanced Reactors Jeff Harper – Westinghouse
1:15 PM Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Jim McCabe – General Dynamics
1:30 PM Barriers to Implementing SMRs Kim Stein – AREVA
1:45 PM Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Economics Panel Session  
  2:45 PM Break  
  3:00 PM Session Summaries Panel Chairs
  4:00 PM Wrap-up  
  4:15 PM Adjourn  
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