InterLab '97

The Fourth Interlaboratory Internet Information Workshop
October 1-3, 1997 - Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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  Re-Live InterLab '97!

If you'll take a look at the Proceedings/Program page, you'll see that many Interlab '97 presenters have been kind enough to provide us with web pages that hit the high points of their presentations. In addition, if your computer supports sound and your system meets the minimum configuration requirements, you can download the free RealPlayer software and view and/or listen to the Web Week sessions that were presented at ORNL. Just click on the RealAudio logos to the right of recorded sessions.


The InterLab '97 workshop was held on October 1-3 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The workshop focused on technical and management issues relating to developing and applying Internet resources in the Department of Energy National Laboratories and related facilities, as well as on the cooperative development and sharing of these resources.

Like its predecessors, this year's InterLab was aimed at webmasters, developers, and managers of Internet resources at research facilities across the nation. The workshop offered a combination of guest speakers, working groups, and technical presentations by the participants, as well as many opportunities to meet and network with peers.

As a warm-up for the workshop, the Sixth International WWW Conference included an InterLab Birds of a Feather (BOF) session for participants who were planning to attend the InterLab '97 workshop or who were interested in discussing web-related issues that concern National Laboratories and other research facilities.

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