ORNL in the News

Brixon, Inc. licenses ORNL's innovative sensor technology for security applications

(EurekAlert) Brixon, Inc., has exclusively licensed a multiparameter sensor technology from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The integrated platform uses various sensors that measure physical and environmental parameters and respond to standard security applications...7/17

Neutrons analyze advanced high-strength steels to improve vehicle safety and efficiency

(PhysOrg) Researchers from the United States Steel Corporation recently used neutrons at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Spallation Neutron Source to better understand the properties of hydroformed AHSS and how it responds to residual stress introduced during manufacturing...7/16

Carlex Licenses Oak Ridge-Developed Glass Coating Technology

(Photonics Media) Carlex Glass America LLC has exclusively licensed optically clear, superhydrophobic coating technology from the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory , initially aimed at advancing glass products for the automotive sector...7/10

Science and Technology

Physicists Go Small: Let's Put A Particle Accelerator On A Chip

(NPR) When people think of particle accelerators, they tend to think of giant structures: tunnels many miles long that electrons and protons race through at tremendous speeds, packing enormous energy. But scientists in California think small is beautiful. They want to build an accelerator on semiconductor chips...7/18

Energy and Science Policy

FY19 Appropriations Bills: STEM Education

(AIP) In their fiscal year 2019 spending bills, House and Senate appropriators again reject the Trump administration’s proposed deep cuts across federal programs that support STEM education, instead seeking at least steady funding for most...7/17


Department of Energy Issues $2 Billion Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program Solicitation

(Energy.gov) ...the U.S. Department of Energy issued the first loan guarantee solicitation for the Tribal Energy Loan Guarantee Program (TELGP) under DOE's Loan Programs Office. This solicitation provides as much as $2 billion in partial loan guarantees to support economic opportunities for Native American and Alaska Native communities through energy development projects and activities...7/17

Mason: Off to a ‘pretty good start’

(LA Monitor) ...“It’s been tremendously welcoming,” he said. “With most people in any lab, get them talking about what they’re doing and they’re pretty committed to that mission. That’s the sense I’ve been getting, that there is a set of really smart, dedicated, patriotic people who come to work here every day.”...7/18

Local and State

Small modular reactor technology praised, but certain assurances sought

(Oak Ridger) At its July 9 meeting, Oak Ridge City Council members voted unanimously to approve a resolution supporting a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for small modular reactors at the Clinch River Nuclear Site and praising SMR technology...7/18

TVA's Cumberland Fossil Plant receives permit to discharge wastewater

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has issued a new permit to the Tennessee Valley Authority, allowing the utility to discharge certain amounts of coal plant wastewater into the Cumberland River...7/17