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Physicists measure 'weak force' inside atoms for first time 1/15 Futurity
A microbial hot spring in your basement 1/15 Science Daily
NASA's deep-space nuclear-power crisis may soon end, thanks to a clever new robot in Tennessee 1/13 Business Insider
ORNL adding three-story office, laboratory building 1/10 Oak Ridge Today
Researching cleaner, more efficient bioenergy production using neutrons 1/10 DOE Science News Resource
Oiling the wheels of HPC 1/10 Scientific Computing
ORNL, Hypres Scientists Design Cryogenic Memory Circuit 1/10 HPC Wire
Oak Ridge National Laboratory automates key process in plutonium-238 production 1/9 EIN Presswire
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2019 1/8 EurekAlert

Novel Fiber-Optic Device Lays Foundation for Quantum-Enhanced Measurements

1/5 ECN
Calm yourself with this 3D printing demo video 1/5 UK News Desk
ASM International to Manage Data for High-Temperature Oxidation Machine Learning Project 1/4 SF Gate
ORNL team uses supercomputer to aid in biofuel production 1/3 Ethanol Producer
ORNL Advances Science, Technology During 75th Anniversary 1/1 Printed Electronics
The Fate of Root Carbon in Soil: Data and Model Gaps 12/28 Eos
Neutrons – A New Weapon Against Cancer 1/2 Technology Networks
Oak Ridge Reservation still running despite shutdown 1/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Titan Takes Fluoride from Taps and Toothpaste to Batteries 12/28 STRN
3D printing structures in outer space? 12/27 Oak Ridger
ORNL Scientists Scrutinize The Weak Forces Bonding Protons And Neutrons 12/25 Daily Global Insights
Leftover Biomass Lignin Could be Key to Renewable 3D Printing 12/21 R&D Magazine
World's Fastest Supercomputer Now Running Production Workloads at ORNL 12/21 Inside HPC
Suresh Babu to Lead UT-ORNL Bredesen Center 12/21 UT News
ORNL partners with industry to address multiple nuclear technology challenges 12/20 EurekAlert
Precision experiment first to isolate, measure weak force between protons, neutrons 12/19 EurekAlert!/AAAS
Bonded Magnet Market : Growth, Demand, Supply, SWOT, Consumption, ROI to 2025 12/20 Scoop Asia
Clarifying rates of methylmercury production 12/19 PhysOrg
New composite advances lignin as a renewable 3D printing material 12/19 Nanowerk
CFD on ORNL’s Titan Simulates Cleaner, Low-MPG ‘Opposed Piston’ Engine 12/13 HPC Wire
Timken turns to neutrons to get its bearings on internal stresses 12/14 Evaluation Engineering
Good vibrations: Neutrons lend insight into acoustic fracking 12/14 PhysOrg
ORNL aims to scale up new carbon dioxide capture technology 12/13 Biofuels Digest
A Diamond in Dogpatch: The 75th Anniversary of the Graphite Reactor, Part 2 December 2018 Nuclear News
City of Knoxville demonstrates new precision de-icing technology developed by ORNL 12/11 Newswise
ORNL 3D printed neutron scattering collimators that are better and cheaper 12/11 3ders.org
ORNL's Megan Bradley receives Young Professionals of Knoxville award 12/7 Oak Ridger
Using Fiber Optics, ORNL Team Demonstrates Universal Quantum Computing 12/10 Photonics Media
Video: How OpenACC Enables Scientists to port their codes to GPUs and Beyond 12/9 Inside HPC
NREL-Led ExaWind Project Demonstrates New Capability for Simulating Modern Wind Turbines 12/10 Electric Energy Online
Subtlety and the selective art of separating lanthanides 12/7 PhysOrg
Scaling the Universe: How Large GPU Clusters Aid Understanding of Galaxy Formation 12/9 Market Screener
3-D printing eliminates undesirable trait in conventional superalloys 12/6 PhysOrg
Quantum Computing Milestone Achieved n.d. Admin Magazine
A Diamond in Dogpatch: The 75th Anniversary of the Graphite Reactor, Part 1  Nov. 2018 Nuclear News
New devices to help local winter weather roads 12/5 WVLT-TV
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2018 12/4 EurekAlert
ORNL pioneers method to remove carbon from air 12/3 Oak Ridger
Neutron production at ORNL's SNS reaches design power level 12/3 Oak Ridge Today
The Race Is On to Protect Data From the Next Leap in Computers. And China Has the Lead 12/3 NY Times
Optimal Foraging: How Soil Microbes Adapt to Nutrient Constraints 11/29 Kentucky Ag Connection
Neutron Production at ORNL's SNS Reaches Design Power Level 11/27 Newswise
Kurfess, Smith join ORNL to lead advanced manufacturing initiatives 11/27 Newswise
'Oscars of Invention' 11/26 Oak Ridger
ORNL technologies receive six R&D 100 Awards 11/21 Oak Ridge Today
Chromosomes and Conservation: Oak Ridge's Liane Russell's life of leadership 11/24 WBIR TV
Seven ORNL researchers named 2019 INCITE award winners 11/21 Oak Ridge Today
'Magnetic Topological Insulator' Makes Its Own Magnetic Field 11/20 Science & Technology Research News
Next-generation composites may monitor their own structural health 11/16 PhysOrg
Neutron pinhole magnifies discoveries at ORNL 11/16 PhysOrg
ACM Awards 2018 Gordon Bell Prize to Two Teams for Work Combating Opioid Addiction, Understanding Climate Change 11/15 HPC Wire
NSF Picks UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Biodiversity Project 11/15 Tennessee Today
Big jobs: Safety, planning key to increasing production performance at Spallation Neutron Source 11/14 PhysOrg
Groundbreaking HVAC Performance: ThermoLift Demonstrates Heat Pump Surpassing DOE Targets 11/13 PR Newswire
INCITE grants awarded to 62 computational research projects 11/12 EurekAlert
Modeling, Monitoring, Microgrids: ORNL Provides Help as Puerto Rico Rebuilds 11/9 Printed Electronics Now
Imaging the Earth’s Interior with the Summit Supercomputer 11/10 HPC Wire
NVIDIA DGX-2 AI supercomputers arrived in the U.S. to boost scientific discoveries 11/10 TechGenYZ
National Labs bring emerging tech to bear on grid security 11/8 FCW
ORNL’s Collins elected fellow of the American Nuclear Society 11/7 Oak Ridger
Vetter named top scientist at ORNL Awards Night 11/6 Oak Ridger
Atomic Path From Insulator to Metal Messier Than Thought 11/2 Power Systems Design
Technology developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is used in medicine 11/1 WBIR TV
Oak Ridge National Laboratory's economic impact reaches across TN 11/2 WBIR TV
Oak Ridge at 75: Oak Ridge National Laboratory's impact on you 11/1 WBIR TV
Quantum predictions 11/2 PhysOrg
Seeing a Salt Solution’s Structure Supports One Hypothesis About How Minerals Form 11/2 Science & Technology Research News
Feeling the need for speed, neutrons study fluid flow for hypersonic flight 11/5 PhysOrg
Capturing dislocations and avalanches in a high-entropy alloy 11/5 Materials Today
Story Tips From The Department Of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 2018 11/1 Scienmag
Quantum Random Numbers Future-Proof Encryption 11/1 Semiconductor Engineering
Manganese may finally solve hydrogen fuel cells' catalyst problem 11/1 ChemEurope
ORNL releases report on Small Hydropower in the United States 10/31 Renewable Eneergy World
Supercomputing Turbine Energy with the ExaWind Project 10/25 Inside HPC
Three ORNL Researchers Named American Physical Society Fellows 10/26 Printed Electronics Now
Meet Summit, the world’s most powerful computer 10/26 The Louisville Insider
Scientists find great diversity, novel molecules in microbiome of tree roots 10/26 PhysOrg
ORNL demonstrates 120-kW wireless charging for vehicles 10/25 Electrans
Seeing a salt solution's structure supports one hypothesis about how minerals form 10/24 PhysOrg
Researchers to find new, energy efficient transportation technologies 10/23 Transportation Today
3D Printing at the Nanoscale Level 10/23 Machine Design
Why Large-Scale Quantum Simulators Matter 10/22 Next Platform
New material, manufacturing process use sun's heat for cheaper renewable electricity 10/18 PhysOrg
Rare-earth magnets from hard drives are re-used in motors 10/18 Drives & Controls
National Lab Demos High-Power Wireless EV Charging 10/19 NGT News
Genetic behavior reveals cause of death in poplars essential to ecosystems, industry 10/18 EurekAlert!/AAAS
New study reveals how superionic crystal can act like a solid and a liquid 10/19 Materials Today
Arctic turning green as areas that have been frozen for tens of thousands of years begin to thaw 10/19 The London Economic
IACMI is closing the loop on automotive carbon fiber prepreg manufacturing scrap 10/18 IEC Composites
GE Appliances wants to vaporize the water in your laundry 10/17 Insider Louisville
Story tips From the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, October 2018 10/1 EurekAlert
AK Steel Wins $1.2M Contract from U.S. DoE to Explore Development of New Steels for Lightweighting for Automotive Applications 10/11 StreetInsider
UT Researches Effects of Fracking on Water Health 10/12 UTK News
Scientists forge ahead with electron microscopy to build quantum materials atom by atom 10/10 PhysOrg
Team Breaks Exaop Barrier With Deep Learning Application 10/10 iCrowd Newswire
Liquid Property in Superionic Crystal to improve Rechargeable Battery 10/10 Transparency journal
Copper ions flow like liquid through crystalline structures 10/9 Innovations Report
Brixon Licenses Sensor Technology From ORNL October Silicon Semiconductor
Summit Supercomputer Breaks Exaop Barrier on Neural Net Trained to Recognize Extreme Weather Patterns 10/6 Inside HPC
Congress Throws Tropical Forest Research Program a Lifeline 10/5 Eos News
Math Helps Sprawling Cities Grow Sustainably And Reduce Slum Conditions 10/5 Forbes
Brixon Licenses Sensor Technology From ORNL 10/4 Photonics Media
New analytical tools reveal strain in perovskite film 10/3 Materials Today
Is water the fuel of the future? UT-led hydrogen research earns $3.5M in grants to find out 10/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
A Direct-Injection-Specific Oil Could Save Your EcoBoost Engine 10/2 Power & Performance
How Putting A.I. Brains Into 3D Printers Will Change the Game for the Navy 10/1 Popular Mechanics
In disaster's wake, novel computing techniques support emergency responders 10/3 EurekAlert!/AAAS
ORNL Researchers Advance Quantum Computing, Science Through Six DOE Awards 10/3 HPC Wire
Jack Dongarra to Receive 2019 SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering 9/28 HPC Wire
Oak Ridge National Lab reservation gets record funding, Fleischmann says 9/30 Chattanooga Times Press Press
ORNL, GRIDSMART partnering to use high performance computing to improve mobility and increase fuel efficiency 9/29 Green Car Congress
Zawodzinski to Lead Department of Energy Fuel Cell Project 9/28 Tennessee Today
ORNL, NNL partner on nuclear energy research 9/26 Nuclear Exchange
DOE award recognizes UCOR safety performance 9/26 Oak Ridge Today
Microbial dark matter dominates Earth's environments 9/26 PhysOrg
Multimodal imaging shows strain can drive chemistry in a photovoltaic material 9/25 Nanowerk
Neutrons produce first direct 3D maps of water during cell membrane fusion 9/20 EurekAlert!/AAAS
Summit Supercomputer is Already Making its Mark on Science 9/20 HPC Wire
Accelerated architecture of America's fastest supercomputer boosts QCD simulations 9/21 PhysOrg
DOE Awards More Than $3 Million For High Performance Computing Manufacturing 9/22 Clean Technica
Chemists demonstrate sustainable approach to carbon dioxide capture from air 9/20 TechXplore
Record-Breaking Exascale Application Selected as Gordon Bell Finalist 9/19 Top 500
Microgrids Hold The Key To Keeping Power Flowing After Disasters, UT Officials Say 9/19 The Chattanoogan
NIH Funds Hingez Therapeutics to Develop New Cholesterol Pill 9/18 Fox 40
Microgrids Hold the Key to Keeping Power Flowing After Disasters 9/18 Tennessee News
ORNL-developed technology streamlines computational science projects 9/14 EurekAlert!/AAAS
UK and USA enhance nuclear research cooperation 9/14 World Nuclear News
ORNL Invests in BeAM’s Modulo 400 3D Printer n.d. Direct Industry
Ingersoll showcases 3D printed winglet layup tool at IMTS 9/13 Composites World
ORNL researchers use electricity to study fish, health of creek 9/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
3D Printing Construction Molds at ORNL 3/12 3DPrint.com
Scaling Up Single-Crystal Graphene 9/12 Newswise
Researchers Develop New Cybersecurity Tool to Protect Networks 9/11 Homeland Security
IACMI and ORNL showcase additive manufacturing advancements at IMTS 9/10 Composites World
ORNL Model House Works On Efficiency 9/10 WUOT
This Federal Lab Works to Make Cars More Efficient, as Trump Pumps the Brakes 9/10 Scientific American
Synthesis Studies Transform Waste Sugar for Sustainable Energy Storage Applications 9/7 Newswise
Jack Dongarra Awarded 2019 SIAM/ACM Prize in Computational Science and Engineering 9/7 Inside HPC
New electron glasses sharpen view of atomic-scale features 9/6 Nanowerk
Research Group Feels Impact of Automotive Change 9/5 AdvancedManufacturing.org
Tackling Moore's Law goal of DARPA initiative 9/6 Military Embedded Systems
Rare-Earth-Metal Magnet Recycling Made Easy 9/6 Design News
Cannibalistic materials feed on themselves to grow new nanostructures target="blank"
9/4 Domain-b
Building Structures Atom by Atom 9/4 Chemistry Views
DOE selects 13 HPC4Mfg projects to advance applied science and technology in manufacturing; aluminum rolling and solid-state batteries 9/2 Green Car Congress
WIPP: One year of shipments from Tennessee lab 8/31 Carlsbad Current Argus
Mathematics can assist cities in addressing unstructured neighborhoods 8/29 Science Daily
Researchers enable real-time forensic analysis with new cybersecurity tool 8/29 PhysOrg
Qrypt licenses ORNL’s quantum random number generator to bolster encryption methods 8/29 Homeland Security News Wire
All aboard the neutron train—mapping residual stresses for more robust rails 8/27 PhysOrg
Can Supercomputers Improve Cybersecurity? Not for a While 8/24 Data Center Knowledge
Two Steps Ahead: Neutrons Help Explore Future HIV Treatments 8/23 Newswise
Fireproof Lithium-Ion Batteries That Harden When Hit 8/22 IEEE Sprctrum
Clarkson University professor, alumnus secure funding to continue partnership on hemp based carbon battery materials 8/22 Clarkson
An Update on the Exascale Computing Project 8/22 Inside HPC
Stacking 2D material switches on novel property 8/20 Materials Today
Battery Capacity Gets a Boost August 2018 ASME.org
Why the Future Is Electrifying 8/17 Nuclear Energy Institute
ORNL helps NASA with testing space probe heading to the sun 8/15 WATE-TV
LIDAR could detect clandestine graves 8/15 Forensic Magazine
Platinum-Copper Alloy Catalyst for Fuel 8/15 R&D Magazine
How to work with your institution's press office to maximize the reach of your work 8/7 Nature
First particle accelerator beam measurement in six dimensions 8/10 Science Daily
Stealth Mark Licenses Oak Ridge Laboratory's Anti-Counterfeiting Technology 8/10 Photonics
Comprehensive Measurement of an Ion Beam 8/10 Physics
SNS completes full neutron production cycle at record power level 8/9 Oak Ridge Today
Hotter temperatures extend growing season for peatland plants 8/8 EurekAlert
A secret city opens up 8/8 Curbed.com
Quantum Computing of an Atomic Nucleus 8/7 Newswise
ORNL testing helps NASA launch mission to sun 8/6 WBIR
Characterizing Faults, Errors and Failures in Extreme-Scale Computing Systems 8/5 Inside HPC
DARPA Selects Research Projects for Next-Gen Processing Technology 8/5 Inside HPC
How self-driving car tech could help forensic scientists find murder victims 8/2 Digital Trends
Sugar-binding protein associated with heart disease defined for first time 8/2 SciTech Europa
How Red Hat Powers the #1 Summit Supercomputer 8/3 Inside HPC
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2018 8/1 EurekAlert
Advanced microscopy technique reveals new aspects of water at the nanoscale level 8/1 PhysOrg
ORNL’s Kimberly Jeskie, Michelle Kidder Named ACS Fellows 8/1 Printed Electronics
DoE Adds $10M to Improve the Energy Exascale Earth System Model 7/31 HPC Wire
IACMI announces collaborative project to innovate smart composite pressure vessels in manufacturing 7/27 JEC Composites
Einstein's General Relativity: Star Orbiting a Supermassive Black Hole Proves Famous Theory Right (Again) 7/28 NewsWeek
ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia to present community lecture Thursday 7/25 Oak Ridger
ORNL develops new capability to evaluate human-driven change in Eastern U.S. streams 7/25 Newswise
Novel membrane advances low-cost, grid-scale energy storage 7/25 TechXplore
DARPA Chooses Teams for $1.5 Billion Electronics Initiative 7/24 National Defense
Deep learning quickly finds structures affected by lava 7/24 GCN
Eagle-eyed machine learning algorithm outdoes human experts 7/19 University of Wisconsin News
InfiniBand Powers World’s New Leading Supercomputer 7/19 HPC Wire
Titan Helps Scientists Fine-Tune Laser Interactions to Advance Cancer Treatments 7/20 Science and Technology Research News
Improving Disaster Mitigation Strategies 7/21 Roofing Magazine
Brixon, Inc. licenses ORNL's innovative sensor technology for security applications 7/17 EurekAlert
Neutrons analyze advanced high-strength steels to improve vehicle safety and efficiency 7/16 PhysOrg
Carlex Licenses Oak Ridge-Developed Glass Coating Technology 7/10 Photonics Media
Chang-Hong Yu: Running a Physics Marathon 7/13 NewsWise
Comparison Of HELIOS-2.1 And SCALE-6.1 Codes 7/12 Science Trends
Appalachian Regional Commission, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and ORAU open the door for students learning about STEM 7/10 PressReleasePoint
First Standard for Chemical Characterization of Bio-Oil Approved by ASTM: NREL Paves the Way Toward Commercialization 7/11 NREL
Researchers Develop 3D Printable Lignin Composites to Replace Petroleum-Based Plastics 7/10 Composites Today
ORNL's Titan supercomputer helps sharpen breast cancer detection 7/10 WVLT TV
Researchers upend conventional wisdom on thermal conductivity 7/7 Innovations Report
FCA Has Developed A New Aluminum Alloy For Turbocharged Engines To Better Withstand Heat 7/6 Techristic
Oak Ridge National Laboratory member receives 2018 Blavatnik award for pioneering research 7/5 Knoxville News Sentinel
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2018 7/2 EurekAlert
New technology from ORNL designed to keep first responders safe 7/4 WBIR-TV
ORNL-developed ACMZ aluminum alloy promises better fuel economy 7/4 Green Car Congress
ORNL uses plant-based materials for 3D printing 7/3 3ders.org
Oak Ridge and Vanderbilt come together to explore cellular processes 7/3 Vanderbilt News
Oak Ridge National Lab scientist wins prestigious $250K young scientist prize 7/1 Knoxville Daily Sun
ORNL produces rare ruthenium isotope for atom smashing experiment 6/29 PhysOrg
Einstein's 100-year-old theory bolstered by new discovery 6/29 Newsweek
ORNL's Bland receives DOE Secretary's Appreciation Award for computing leadership 6/26 Oak Ridge Today
Winners of the 2018 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists announced 6/27 EurekAlert
Summit Supercomputer Ranked Fastest Computer in the World 6/26 Energy.gov
Stealth Mark licenses ORNL invisible micro-taggant for anticounterfeiting applications 6/25 EurekAlert
Researchers Discover Genes That Make Plants Drought-Resistant 6/21 R&D Magazine
Forever young catalyst reduces diesel emissions 6/22 Nanowerk
Two ORNL researchers receive DOE early career funding awards 6/24 Biofuels Digest
InfiniBand Accelerates the World-Fastest HPC and Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 6/25 Stockhouse
ORNL’s Superhydrophobic Coating Helps Develop Cutting-edge Automotive Glass 6/20 SpecialChem
Researchers Use AI to Improve Mammogram Interpretation 6/20 ReachMD
Scientists Use Neutrons to Take a Deeper Look at Record Boost in Thermoelectric Efficiency 6/18 Newswise
5 ways the world's fastest supercomputer could change the world 6/18 NBC News
Critical Plant Gene Takes Unexpected Detour That Could Boost Biofuel Yields 6/15 Health Medicine Network
Carlex Glass America licenses ORNL superhydrophobic coatings for automotive applications 6/18 Glass Online
Terrestrial Energy awarded DOE funding to develop next-generation molten salt pump 6/15 World Pumps
This Supercomputer Can Calculate in 1 Second What Would Take You 6 Billion Years 6/14 LiveScience News
When will additive manufacturing make sense for the job shop? 6/13 The Fabricator News
Nuclear Security Expert Addresses Potential North Korea Denuclearization 6/12 Tennessee Today
ORNL 3D prints radioactive isotopes to diagnose America's surging heart conditions 6/12 3D Printing Industry
Robust MOF material exhibits selective, fully reversible and repeatable capture of toxic atmospheric gas 6/11 PhysOrg
You Can Also Buy A Smaller Version Of Oak Ridge National Labs Most Powerful AI Supercomputer 6/11 Forbes
Move Over, China: U.S. Is Again Home to World’s Speediest Supercomputer 6/8 The New York Times
How Expert Explainers Put A Mind-Boggling Supercomputer Into Human Terms 6/11 Forbes
Biometric Border Trial to Scan Faces Through Cars at Mexican Border 6/8 Find Biometrics
ORNL Neuromorphic Work Suggests Direct Computer-to-Brain Potential 6/5 HPC Wire
How General Atomics Developed Its Revolutionary Nuclear Fuel Solution 6/1 Power Magazine
How to draw a line narrower than a cold virus 5/31 PhysOrg
ORNL ramps up production of key radioisotope for cancer-fighting drug 5/31 Newswise
Scientists at ORNL Become the First to Simulate an Atomic Nucleus on a Quantum Computer 5/31 Science and Technology Research
Understanding Lithium’s Mechanical Behavior could Lead to Better Batteries 6/1 World Industrial Reporter
Oak Ridge National Lab producing isotopes to fight prostate cancer 6/6 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL invention to help emergency responders 6/5 Oak Ridger
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, June 2018 6/1 EurekAlert
With supercomputing power, scientists solve a next-generation physics problem 5/30 National Science Foundation
Nuclear scientists calculate value of key property that drives neutron decay 5/30 PhysOrg
Cure for some cancers found in an Oak Ridge National Lab waste container 5/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Microscopy advance reveals unexpected role for water in energy storage material 5/24 EurekAlert!/AAAS
A step towards limitless energy: 'Ghostly’ lightning waves found inside a nuclear reactor could control electrons and make fusion power a reality 5/25 The Daily Mail
The Military Wants Bulletproof Batteries For Armor 5/28 The Science Page
4M Carbon Fiber announce low cost precursor for carbon fiber 5/25 JEC Composites
Scientists Conduct First Quantum Simulation of Atomic Nucleus 5/23 HPC Wire
ORNL researchers track mercury prevalence in Oak Ridge waterways 5/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy lab in Oak Ridge powers Tennessee economy 5/21 Times Free Press
House advances defense-heavy 2019 energy budget, good for Oak Ridge National Lab computing 5/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy Lab in Oak Ridge Powers Tennessee Economy 5/21 The Chattanooga Times Free Press
General Atomics Bags USD 3.2M in federal funding 5/21 Nuclear Exchange
Supersonic Waves Might Help Electronics Beat the Heat 5/21 Everything RF
Video: Doug Kothe Looks Ahead at The Exascale Computing Project 5/18 Inside HPC
PROSPECTing for antineutrinos 5/18 Yale News
House advances defense-heavy 2019 energy budget, good for Oak Ridge National Lab computing 5/18 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Terrestrial Energy bags U.S. DOE award 5/18 Nuclear Exchange
ORNL facility receives American Nuclear Society's historic landmark designation 5/16 EurekAlert
ORNL Collaboration Results in 3D Printed Stainless Steel Target for Medical Isotope 5/16 Steel Guru
Physicists developing quantum-enhanced sensors for real-life applications 5/15 PhysOrg
Dirty AFM probes mess with microscopy measurements 2/10 Chemistry World
Arthur Jonas Ragauskas, Ph.D., Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who 5/7 Quebec Daily Examiner
Novel reaction could spark alternate approach to ammonia production 5/2 Techsite
3D Printing Behind the Scenes 5/4 Machine Design
Secret Cities, 75 Years Later: Bechtel Highlights Future of Los Alamos, Hanford, Oak Ridge 5/3 AEC Cafe
Researchers seek existence of exotic quantum spin ice 5/2 PhysOrg
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 2018 5/1 EurekAlert
Bundling Big Science Tools to Shed Light on Flexible Proteins 5/1 STRN News
DOE-Funded Chemical Engineering Research Looks to Expand NGV Adoption 5/1 NGT News
US federal support for advanced nuclear technology 5/1 World Nuclear News
4M announces joint effort with ORNL and RMX Technologies to demonstrate standard modulus carbon fiber from textile PAN 4/27 Composites Today
Public can tour parts of ORNL, celebrate 75 years on Lab Day (June 9) 4/27 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory deputy speaks May 3 about lab's history and mission 4/27 Vanderbilt News
Scientists Project a Drier Amazon and Wetter Indonesia in the Future 4/27 Newswise
Unusual magnetic structure may support next-generation technology 4/26 PhysOrg
ORNL's neutron source gets an upgrade, thanks to heavy water bought from Iran 4/25 Knoxville News Sentinel
New natural gas catalyst would boost clean transportation 4/25 PhysOrg
Final drums of old transuranic waste from ORNL prepared for disposal 4/24 Oak Ridge Today
Neutrons provide insights into increased performance for hybrid perovskite solar cells 4/23 Science Daily
Bundling big science tools to shed light on flexible proteins 4/19 PhysOrg
Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke sets new goals for 'city of creators' 4/19 The Chattanooga Times Free Press
Plugging up leaky graphene 4/22 Filtration Products
Using the Titan Supercomputer to Develop 50,000 Years of Flood Risk Scenarios 4/21 Inside HPC
Not just another pretty rock, diamonds are a scientist's best friend - for studying outer planets 4/19 Knoxville News Sentinel
White Graphene Market Size Projected to Rise Lucratively during 2025 4/18 Military Technologies
Spinach used in neutron studies could unearth secret to stronger plant growth 4/18 PhysOrg
Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers develop new alloy to enhance nuclear safety 4/17 Daily Energy Insider
Magnum Venus & ORNL Install World’s First Medium-Large Scale 3D Thermostat Printer 4/176 Inside 3D Printing
ORNL scientists shine light on 'dark' microbes lurking in our mouths 4/16 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL develops new alloy that could lead to more fuel-efficient vehicles 4/14 The Tennessean
Custom-designed alloy enhances nuclear safety 4/13 PhysOrg
Lab Grown Diamonds Enabling New Scientific Breakthroughs 4/13 WAFB TV
Magnum Venus Products installs world's first medium/large-scale 3D thermoset printer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 4/11 Business Wire
Tackling the toughest questions with NanoSIMS 4/10 PhysOrg
Systems Will Solidify U.S. Leadership in the "Exascale" Computing Era 4/9 Energy.gov
UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair to Lead Major Research for US Navy 4/5 Tennessee Today
Mississippi State physics major wins national scholarship 4/8 San Francisco Chronicle
These are the folks who will protect the nation from hackers. They did battle Saturday in Richland 4/7 Tri-City Herald
Study Examines How Natural Chemicals in Green Tea Work 4/4 Tennessee Today
White Graphene Market trends estimates high demand by 2025 4/6 MilTech
Direct metal printing helps manufacture lean and green heat exchanger 4/5 Ferret
Dr. Brent K. Park Sworn In As Deputy Administrator For NNSA’s Office Of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation 4/3 PublicNow
ORNL Welcomes New Entrepreneurial Research Fellows to Innovation Crossroads 4/3 HPC Wire
Competing to defend the energy grid 4/2 GCN
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 2018 4/2 EurekAlert
Oak Ridge National Lab probes the secrets of shale 4/2 North American shale Magazine
James Peery to lead ORNL’s Global Security Directorate 3/30 Oak Ridge Today
A new way to find better battery and fuel cell materials 3/30 FuelCellWorks
ORNL’s Dean named associate laboratory director for physical sciences 3/30 Oak Ridge Today
Exceptionally efficient extraction may improve management of nuclear fuel 3/29 PhysOrg
Underground neutrino experiment sets the stage for deep discovery about matter 3/27 Innovations Report
Putting quantum scientists in the driver's seat 3/27 Nanowerk
Molecular prison forces diatomic inmates to cell floor 3/27 PhysOrg
Spent uranium from ORNL gets second life powering the Tennessee Valley 3/28 The Knoxville News Sentinel
A First Look at Summit Supercomputer Application Performance 3/28 The Next Platform
Power of AI is on display at GPU Technology Conference 3/28 Design World
A New Way To Find Better Battery Materials 3/25 Public Now
Historically Speaking: Interest in ORNL-developed molten salt reactor 3/23 Oak Ridger
Large Single-Crystal Graphene Could Advance Scalable 2D Materials 3/27 I-Connect 007
President signs $1.3 trillion spending bill, good for Oak Ridge, ORNL, Y-12 3/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Department of Energy resumes Oak Ridge facility tours
3/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
Alexander Says Record Funding For Most Important Federal Program That Supports ORNL 3/21 The Chattanoogan
For first time in 30 years, Savannah River dissolving spent nuclear fuel from ORNL reactor 3/20 Oak Ridge Today
Giant thermometer; hyperspectral imaging; neutron diffraction 3/20 Semiconductor Engineering.com
Neutrons help demystify multiferroic materials 3/19 PhysOrg
Fleischmann: Supercomputing race could change with Summit at ORNL 3/18 Oak Ridge Today
Researchers develop spectroscopic thermometer for nanomaterials 3/15 Innovations Report
Data Dive: Microbes Handle Poor Nutrition in Tropical Soil 3/16 USAGnet
Terrestrial Energy on track to commercial molten salt reactor competitive with natural gas prices 3/18 Next Big Future
HERMES for Direct Measurement of Temperature at Nanoscale 3/14 Azo Nano
Next phase for Chattanooga’s smart grid: an airport microgrid 3/14 Energy News Network
Researchers design novel method for energy-efficient deep neural networks 3/14 Tech Xplore
Method to grow large single-crystal graphene could advance scalable 2-D materials 3/12 PhysOrg
Selected for space launch, Robertsville satellite gets boost from ORNL 3/11 Oak Ridge Today
LEGO Builds a Sustainable Future One Brick at a Time 3/11 Wired News
ORNL, NETL sign research agreement on new ways to use coal 3/11 Oak Ridge Today
Princeton Team using Deep Learning to develop Fusion Energy 3/11 Inside HPC
ORNL research may lead to drugs that fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria 3/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Georgia Power develops Atlanta smart neighborhood with solar+storage 3/9 Environmental Guru
Neutrons Provide New Polish for Petroleum Processing 3/7 Indiana Ag Connection
Building Our Future: Sharing Oak Ridge Research with Tomorrow's Scientists and Engineers 3/6 Energy.gov
The shape of things to come for quantum materials? 3/1 PhysOrg
DOE Laboratories Sign Memorandum of Understanding For Innovative Coal Research 3/2 West Virginia Executive
ORNL team finds catalytic EGR reforming can decrease fuel consumption 8% in gasoline engine 3/5 Green Car Congress
N.Korea 'Worked on Missile Guidance During Olympics' 3/5 Chosun Ilbo
US Govt Study Finds VSS Technology More Efficient 2/28 Cooling India
Elusive Higgs-Like State Created in Exotic Materials 2/28 Quanta Magazine
EPB working with Oak Ridge lab to make power grid less vulnerable to cyberattacks 2/27 Energy Central
Inside the black box n.d. Science Node
Neutrons reveal the wild Weyl world of semimetals 2/20 PhysOrg
Neutrino experiments look to reveal big answers about how these fundamental particles interact with matter 2/22 PhysOrg
Testing lithium battery limitations may improve safety and lifetimes 2/22 PhysOrg
DOE National Lab Develops Supertough Bioplastic 2/19 Polyestertime
Researchers demonstrate promising method for improving quantum information processing 2/17 Infosurhoy
Catalysts, Cleaning and Cook 2/15 Ethanol producer Magazine
Discover ORNL research opportunities at Virtual Career Fair 2/15 ORNL Today
ORNL team using neutron imaging to study soot and ash collection and removal in particulate filters 2/15 Green Car Congress
Alexander Statement On The Nomination Of Tennessean Dr. Brent Park To Department Of Energy Post 2/13 PublicNow.com
ORNL scientist to describe current understanding of climate change 2/13 Oak Ridge Today
Gene improves plant growth and conversion to biofuels 2/13 PhysOrg
Historically Speaking: Beyond influenza: More centrifuge-based Oak Ridge medical instrumentation 2/13 Oak Ridger
The Food Industry’s Next Journey — from Mars to Exascale 2/12 HPC Wire
Unique system for welding highly irradiated metal alloys 2/12 ChemEurope
Trump nominates ORNL national security leader to DOE nuclear nonproliferation job 2/9 Oak Ridge Today
GM turns to Titan supercomputer for more detailed diesel combustion modeling 2/8 Green Car Congress
U.S. Customs Installing Facial Recognition Cameras At Texas-Mexico Border 2/9 Geek.com
CBP to test facial recognition on passengers in moving vehicles 2/7 Biometric Update
Hatchet Enzyme, Enabler of Sickness and of Health, Exposed by Neutron Beams 2/6 Georgia Tech News Center
Report details how SMRs could offer resilience for federal agencies 2/5 American Public Power Association
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, February 2018 2/1 EurekAlert
HPC4Manufacturing Program Seeks Industry Proposals 2/1 Inside HPC
Cloud based quantum computing used to calculate nuclear binding energy 2/2 PhysOrg
Hatchet enzyme, enabler of sickness and of health, exposed by neutron beams 2/2 PhysOrg
Ethanol's next breakthrough? Turning greenhouse gas into fuel 2/2 Des Moines Register
US vehicle-miles traveled in 2016 7x more than in 1950 with double the population 1/30 Green Car Congress
ORNL Director Thomas Zacharia on his first six months as ORNL director 1/26 Knoxville News Sentinel
Supercomputers to Improve Transportation Energy Efficiency 1/29 Sustainable City Network
DoE Research Into Motion of Water Molecules Paves Way for Liquid-Based Electronics 1/29 Design News
ORNL Researchers Explore Supercomputing Workflow Best Practices 1/25 HPC Wire
DoE Research Into Motion of Water Molecules Paves Way for Liquid-Based Electronics 1/29 Design News
New Aluminum Alloys Can Take the Heat, Improve Engine Efficiency 1/25 R&D Magazine
Ask the Experts: Does Rising CO2 Benefit Plants? 1/23 Scientific American
AI Generates High-Performing Neural Nets In A Matter of Hours 1/25 Wall Street Pit
Meridian Waste Solutions’ Attis Innovations awarded $3 million biorefinery grant from the USDA 1/24 RISI Technology Channels
TITAN Supercomputer Reveals How Microbes Cope With Scarcity 1/24 Public Now
Study of 7 years of production data supports billion-ton biofuels feedstock estimate 1/24 Green Car Congress
Isotone performs in Pellissippi’s ‘Inner Space/Outer Space’ 1/23 Oak Ridger
Oak Ridge develops shape-memory leathery material coated with silver nanoparticles 1/18 ASM International
Under Pressure, Graphene Flexes Its Muscles 1/18 Controlled Environments
DOE Projects to Advance High-Performance Computing in Manufacturing 1/19 Ceramic Industry
Supercomputer-powered training puts machine learning on the fast track 1/17 GCN
Arconic & Vader Systems 3D printing projects receive DOE HPC4 funding 1/17 3ders.org
DOE approves use of ORNL uranium stores for medical research 1/17 News Sentinel
DOE Selects Seven Companies for Its HPC for Manufacturing Program 1/16 Top 500
USDA awards $3M biorefinery grant to support conversion of lignin into renewable alternative for ABS Resin 1/15 Green Car Congress
Titan used to accelerate training on deep learning networks 1/14 Oak Ridger
Thomas Zacharia from ORNL Testifies at House Hearing on the Need for Supercomputing 1/13 Inside HPC
Breakable electrode design brings safer batteries for electric cars 1/12 Materials Today
Neutrons inspect salt-inclusion materials to improve long-term waste storage 1/11 PhysOrg
ORNL Researchers Use Titan to Accelerate Design, Training of Deep Learning Networks 1/10 Newswise
The atomic dynamics of rare everlasting electric fields 1/10 EurekAlert
Victor McCrary Named Vice Chancellor for Research 1/9 Victor McCrary Named Vice Chancellor for Research
Genes could help crops in drought 1/3 The Oak Ridger
With the Summit Supercomputer, U.S. Could Retake Computing’s Top Spot 1/6 IEEE Spectrum
Video: How the USA Department of Energy is Supporting Industrial Additive Manufacturing 1/5 Engineering.com
Lithium-ion battery inspired by safety glass could reduce fire risk 1/4 Charged
Techmer receives R&D 100 Award 1/4 Specialty Fabrics Review
New study visualizes motion of water molecules, promises new wave of electronic devices 1/3 Space Daily
AI Uses Titan Supercomputer to Create Deep Neural Nets in Less Than a Day 1/3 Singularity Hub
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2018 1/3 EurekAlert
IACMI wind blade prototype became show stopper at CAMX 1/1 Technical Textiles
Legacy of learning: Oak Ridge's Liane B. Russell has led impactful life 12/29 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Technique Developed to Study the Viscosity of Water for Liquid Based Electronics 12/28 Electronics 360
Nuclear engineering science lab program at ORNL accepting applications for spring, summer 2018 12/28 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL Researchers Partner with Magnet Applications to Develop 3D Printed Magnets 12/27 Prototype Today
Nuclear engineering science lab program at ORNL accepting applications for spring, summer 2018 12/27 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory creates world's smallest fidget spinner 12/22 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL exec, three others join TVA board 12/22 Knoxville News Sentinel
Senate confirms Smith of ORNL, three others to TVA Board 12/22 Oak Ridge Today
Neutrons Track Quantum Entanglement in Copper Elpasolite Mineral 12/21 Newswise
Liane Russell discusses impactful work 12/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
IBM Announces Collaborations to Accelerate Quantum Computing 12/20 I-Connect 007
FAA bans drone flights over nuclear research facilities 12/19 FCW
ORNL team proposes new electrode design to mitigate risk of battery failure in accidents; inspired by safety glass 12/14 Green Car Congress
Researchers compare ‘new’ and ‘aged’ catalytic converter at the nanoscale level 12/14 SAT PR News
Machines expected to write most of their own code by 2040, one year after Java’s presumed death 12/14 JaxEnter
‘Femi’ has program for safer winter roads 12/14 Farragut Press
Making Fuel Out of Thick Air 12/14 Technology Networks
A lithium-ion battery inspired by safety glass 12/13 Tech Xplore
IBM Announces Collaboration with Leading Fortune 500 Companies, Academic Institutions and National Research Labs to Accelerate Quantum Computing 12/13 Press Release Point
'Toolboxes' for quantum cybersecurity 12/8 Science Daily
A greener way to get lithium? 12/6 C&EN
Use of Rhodium-Based Catalysts to Directly Convert Methane into Usable Fuels 12/8 AZO Cleantech
NREL Researchers Optimize Microbial Pathway To Biobased Fuels And Chemicals 12/8 The National Law Review
Muddy Boot expands honors 12/8 Oak Ridger
Oak Ridge improving disaster response plans 12/6 WATE.com
Tool Tackles Slippery Slope of Winter Roads 12/5 IEEE Glogal Spec
Scientists aim to develop drought-resistant crops using genetic engineering 12/5 Independent
New family of aluminum-cerium alloys shows significantly improved high-temperature performance, economic benefits 12/5 Green Car Congress
Drought-resistant plant genes could accelerate evolution of water-use efficient crops 12/1 PhysOrg
Researchers Compare ‘New’ and ‘Aged’ Catalytic Converter at the Nanoscale Level 11/30 Miltech
Researchers discover breakthrough process for directly converting methane to methanol 11/30 PhysOrg
The Right Mix: Water and Neutrons with Eugene Mamontov 11/30 Miltech
Supercomputing poised for a massive speed boost 11/29 Nature News
World's smallest fidget spinner showcases access to serious science facility 11/28 PhysOrg
Algorithm leverages Titan supercomputer to create high-performing deep neural networks 11/29 PhysOrg
Research Workers Formulate a Light-based Key Distribution Technique 11/29 Startup World
Oak Ridge National Lab Executive Talks Up Clean Energy At His TVA Nomination Hearing 11/28 Nashville Public Radio
Magnet Applications Recognized For Advancements In 3D-Printed Magnets 11/28 Quality Magazine
Metal-binding polymer continues to surprise 11/27 C&EN
A great technical achievement, Molten Salt Reactor could be entombed 11/26 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL names director of artificial intelligence 11/22 Oak Ridge Today
Long-lived catalytic converter reduces diesel emissions 11/22 PhysOrg
The Future of Cybersecurity Is in High-Speed Quantum Encryption 11/26 Futurism
About half of uranium-233 waste shipped from Building 3019 at ORNL 11/26 Oak Ridge Today
Taking a spin on plasma space tornadoes with NASA observations 11/18 PhysOrg
AMO Partners Named Energy Sector Finalists for 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 [n.d.] EIN Newsdesk
Prototype plug-in alerts drivers to vehicle cyberattacks 11/16 GCN
Renaissance of the iron-air battery 11/16 EurekAlert!/AAAS
Oak Ridge Readies Summit Supercomputer for 2018 Debut 11/15 Top 500
Retired ORNL director Alex Zucker died on Wed 11/14 Oak Ridger
Industrial energy training and certification 11/14 Plant Engineering
Neutrons probe oxygen-generating enzyme for a greener approach to clean water 11/13 EurekAlert
Machine learning and deep learning programs provide a helping hand to scientists analyzing images 11/9 PhysOrg
New method to detect spin current in quantum materials unlocks potential for alternative electronics 11/9 The Oak Ridger
Oak Ridge National Laboratory acquires Atos Quantum Learning Machine to support US Department of Energy research 11/13 NASDAQ
Two Research Teams Receive $10.5M to Advance Quantum Computing for Science 11/8 Scientific Computing
Research Reveals the Potential of “Oxygen Sponge” to Function as “Hydrogen Sponge” 11/8 Azo Materials
Using neutrons to study how resistant bacteria evolve 11/7 PhysOrg
'Stranger Things': ORNL nuclear physicist Kelly Chipps talks fiction vs. reality 11/6 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL provides building data that helps hurricane response 11/3 Oak Ridge Today
Stranger Things at Oak Ridge National Lab? 11/2 WATE TV
Trump pick for TVA would restore East Tennessee voice 11/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 2017 11/2 EurekAlert/AAAS
City, ORNL partner on UrbanSense 11/1 Oak Ridger
ORNL’s DelCul, Wirth Named American Nuclear Society Fellows 10/31 HPC Wire
ORNL, City of Oak Ridge partner on sensor project to capture city trends 10/30 Oak Ridge Today
Centrus, ORNL contract continues uranium enrichment technology work in Oak Ridge 10/30 Oak Ridge Today
Tourassi named top scientist at ORNL’s annual Awards Night 10/29 Oak Ridge Today
More than 200 Oak Ridge National Laboratory employees approved for buy-outs 10/27 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Significant Growth Foreseen by White Graphene Market During 2017 - 2025 10/27 OpenPR
ORNL remembers JFK's 1959 visit as assassination files are released 10/26 WBIR TV
Oak Ridge teams get $10.5 million to try to make quantum algorithms work on near term architectures 10/26 Next Big Future
Summit supercomputer nears completion, will be fastest in the world 10/26 Techspot
Jerzy Bernholc, PhD, Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who 10/26 24-7 Press Release
Workers removing asbestos, reducing risks at former ORNL research reactor 10/24 Oak Ridge Today
Two ORNL-led research teams receive $10.5 million to advance quantum computing for science 10/20 EurekAlert/AAAS
Scientist discusses Amazon rainforest research 10/19 The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
Neutrons Observe Vitamin B6-dependent Enzyme Activity Useful for Drug Development 10/19 Technology Networks
Aggressive driving could cost you as much as $1 more per gallon of gasoline 10/18 The Leaf Chronicle
Researchers customize catalysts to boost product yields, decrease separation costs 10/18 EurekAlert
Summit supercomputer, nation's next step to exascale, loping forward at ORNL 10/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Spin current detection in quantum materials unlocks potential for alternative electronics 10/15 Nanotechnology News
First pentagonal 2D material unveiled 10/10 Chemistry World
Strangpresse licenses ORNL extruder tech for high-volume additive manufacturing 10/13 EurekAlert!
Surprisingly ultraflat magnets 10/13 ChemEurope
Gevo, National Labs collaborate to enhance ethanol-to-olefins process 10/12 World of Chemicals
Daylight Saving Time 2017: A Guide to the When, Why, What and How 10/11 Live Science
ORNL researchers' prototype device enters the race to head off vehicle cyberattacks 10/11 EE World
How using molten salt to cool nuclear reactors is gaining momentum in the Southeast 10/10 Knoxville News Sentinel
NASA's future missions to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and beyond may hit a nuclear roadblock within the next decade 10/6 Business Insider
An author’s perspective: Gary Van Berkel on immediate drop on demand technology coupled with mass spectrometry [n.d.] Bioanalysis Zone
ORNL develops prototype device to alert drivers of vehicle cyberattacks 10/6 Green Car Congress
Connecting the Dots 10-6 Newswise
Ultrafast AFM delivered 10/6 Microscopy and Analysis
IACMI announces discontinuous recycled carbon fiber project for automotive Class A surface finishes 10/4 JEC Group
Aggressive driving burns up to 40% more fuel and can waste one dollar per gallon 10/2 Utah Standard News
Oak Ridge scientist gives insight into 3D printing research with Fabrisonic, Cummins and DM3D n.d. 3D Printing Industry
IEEE Recognizes Three Early Career Researchers in HPC 10/2 Inside HPC
ORNL budget has more at stake this year as GOP sets priorities 9/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Innovation Crossroads program opens second round of energy entrepreneurial fellowships 9/28 Oak Ridger
ORNL reports strong interest in voluntary separations, but still needs to review applications 9/27 Oak Ridge Today
Bioenergy and biofuel projects win DOE support 9/27 Bioenergy Insight
Testing the future of energy with a smart neighborhood 9/25 WVLT-TV
New Battery Holds Promise for Substation Supplementation, Substitution 9/25 Chattanooga Times
Oak Ridge National Laboratory executive, 3 others nominated for seats on TVA board 9/21 The Tennessean
Experts head to Beijing to test experimental nuclear reactors 9/24 Business Mirror
Miniature detector first to spot coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering 9/22 CERN Courier
Murray Rosenthal-One of ORNL’s best cheerleaders 9/21 The Oak Ridger
Belgian and US Research Reactors to Become International Centres for R&D under IAEA Label 9/18 IAEA
Titan Helps Researchers Suck Mystery Out of Cell's 'Vacuum Cleaners' 9/20 DOE Science News Source
DOE, NNSA computing project names new director, to be based at ORNL 9/20 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory installs Roctool technology for early-stage R&D 9/19 Plastics Today
Growing the future sustainably WVU biologists team up to research new bioproducts 9/17 The Register World
'Beautiful coal' seeks new life as carbon fiber for submarines 9/17 Taipai Times
Oak Ridge parts crash into Saturn with Cassini probe 9/15 Knoxville News Sentinel
After nearly two decades in space and billions of miles traveled, Cassini's journey is finally over. 9/15 Energy.gov
Mason and Powell: Preserving Tennessee's clean energy tradition 9/13 Times Free Press
Coal Seeks New Life as Carbon Fiber for Submarines 9/13 Bloomberg
ORNL geospatial tech assists hurricane responders 9/12 Knoxville News Sentinel
UT-Battelle has to take corrective action, pay $120,000 after unauthorized disclosure of classified information 9/11 Oak Ridge Today
Cummins working with Oak Ridge Lab on 3D printing for heavy-duty engine repair 9/6 Green Car Congress
Secret ORNL West Knox 'smart' house makes way for neighborhoods of the future 9/5 Knoxville News Sentinel
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 2017 9/5 EurekAlert
Lab turning plants into plastic as part of new research project 9/4 WVLT-TV
ORNL’s Salil Mahajan: Gaining perspective on climate variability with high-resolution modeling 9/3 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL helps Harvey victims through technology 9/1 WBIR TV
ORNL researchers turn to ‘deep learning’ to solve science’s big data problem 9/3 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL: Neutrons peer into a running engine 9/3 Oak Ridge Today
Southern Research to participate in low cost carbon fiber project 6/30 JEC Composites
Molten salt reactors: A new beginning for an old idea 8/30 Heartland.org
Lopez Named Vanderbilt’s Liaison To Oak Ridge National Laboratory August 30, 2017 8/30 PublicNow.com
ORNL turning plants into plastic as part of new research project 8/30 WVLT-TV
Qubitekk licenses ORNL single-photon source approach for quantum encryption 8/29 Oak Ridger
DOE Lab to Explore Machine Learning Tools for Scientific Data Analysis 8/29 ExecutiveGov
Oak Ridge Turns to Deep Learning for Big Data Problems 8/27 Inside HPC
DOE disposing of uranium-233 waste stored at ORNL 8/27 Oak Ridge Today
Titan simulations show importance of coupling between human and Earth systems 8/26 The Daily Observer
ORNL secret house hones energy-saving software 8/24 WBIR TV
High-resolution modeling assesses impact of cities on river ecosystems 8/24 PhysOrg
Oak Ridge lab eyes Chattanooga as testing ground for driverless trucking 8/24 Chattanooga Times Free Press
Launching A Supercomputer: How To Set Up Some Of The World's Fastest Computers 8/24 ECN
The Wonderland of ALICE: Q&A with Thomas M. Cormier 8/23 Newswise
ORNL-led team uses carbon material derived from tire waste to convert used cooking oil to biofuel 8/21 Green Car Congress
Tennessee site marks milestone with shipment to US nuke dump 8/19 WIAT TV
Southern Research To Play Key Role In Low Cost Carbon Fiber Project 8/17 Telemundo
How One Energy Department Lab Uses Physics to Boost Cybersecurity 8/17 FedTech
3D printable resin: The Digest's 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to melt-stable engineered lignin thermoplastic 8/16 Biofuels Digest
Study Finds Drought Recoveries Taking Longer 8/16 San Fernando Valley Sun
Safety: ORNL developing probe to detect energy in electric vehicles, solar rooftops 8/14 Oak Ridge Today
Four ORNL researchers receive DOE early career funding awards 8/10 PhysOrg
Galactic Winds Push Researchers To Probe Galaxies At Unprecedented Scale 8/12 Los Alamos Daily Post
Used tires, bacon grease can be the fuel of the future 8/11 True Viral News
Landscapes give latitude to 2-D material designers 8/9 Rice University News
ORNL starts installing Summit, could be world's most powerful supercomputer 8/10 Data Center Dynamics
Defense Department Issues Corrosion Awards 8/11 Paint Square
Scientists show growing atom-thin sheets on cones allows control of defects 8/9 PhysOrg
ORNL workforce reduction could save $34 million per year 8/9 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL Turns to Neutrons to Investigate Performance of Engine Cylinder Head Made from 3D Printed Mold and New Aluminum Alloy 8/8 3D Print.com
ORNL: World's smallest neutrino detector finds big physics fingerprint 8/8 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL, LANL study provides insights into performance of non-precious metal fuel-cell catalysts; atomic-level observations 8/4 Green Car Congress
World's smallest neutrino detector finds big physics fingerprint 8/7 Space Daily
3-D printed furniture in UT Chancellor's office 8/4 WVLT TV
ORNL building world’s smartest supercomputer 8/4 Oak Ridge Today
DOE: National labs, including ORNL, helped found study of ecology 8/6 Oak Ridge Today
Interdisciplinary team designs gas flow cell to analyze catalytic behavior 8/2 PhysOrg
Here's the Navy's first 3D printed submarine 8/2 EBL News
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2017 8/1 Newswise
How to Make Plutonium 8/1 Popular Mechanics
3D printing a 'billion dollar industry' for tooling 8/1 Plastics News
The US Navy 3D printed a 30ft long concept submersible craft in under a month 7/31 International Business Times
U.S. gets Canadian help to take on China in supercomputer race: ‘A perfect world for D-Wave’ 7/28 National Post
Oak Ridge National Laboratory partners with St. Jude in pediatric medical research 7/31 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL nuclear engineer selected for national reactor development position 7/26 Oak Ridge Today
US Energy Department lab bolsters quantum computing resources 7/26 ZD Net
Neutrons peer into a running engine 7/26 PhysOrg
Qubitekk licenses ORNL single-photon source approach for quantum encryption 7/25 PhysOrg
ORNL researchers discover new class of porous membranes boosting biofuel production efficiencies 7/25 Biofuels Digest
3-D printing at ORNL could cut down production costs 7/20 WVLT TV
Buchanan named deputy for science, technology at ORNL 7/20 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL on track for record year for worker safety 7/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Space station project seeks to crystalize the means to CounterACT nerve poisons 7/22 PharmaBiz
US Navy and ORNL Team Up to Develop the Military's First 3D Printed Submarine Hull on the BAAM 7/21 3D Print
Titan simulations show importance of close two-way coupling between human and Earth systems 7/18 Science Daily
Hover Energy Announces Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory 7/20 PRWeb
Leading the way: ORNL builds more reliable, longer-lasting targets for high-powered neutron scattering 7/19 PhysOrg
3-D models help scientists gauge flood impact 7/18 EurekAlert
DOE funds Center for Bioenergy Innovation at ORNL to accelerate biofuels, bioproducts research 7/17 Oak Ridge Today
Using Veterans' Health Data, Oak Ridge National Lab Takes On Massive Medical Research Project 7/11 Nashville Public Radio
Clarkson University Researchers & Entrepreneurs Partner to Commercialize Technology to Convert Agricultural Waste for Energy Applications 7/13 Clarkson University
Saint-Gobain Takes Advantage of New Better Plants-Diagnostic Equipment Program n.d. Energy Vortex
ORNL director talks new role, lab priorities, Trump administration 7/12 Knoxville News Sentinel
NREL/Oak Ridge thermal measurements of packed copper wire enables better electric motor designs 7/11 Green Car Congress
EPB Launches Solar Share: An Option For Locally-Generated Renewable Energy 7/11 Chattanoogan.com
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2017 7/5 EurekAlert
ORNL Combines 3D Printing and Metal Casting to Create Stronger Components 7/6 3DPrint.com
ORNL paves the way for veterans' healthcare breakthroughs 7/10 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Neutrons aim at improving integrity in dissimilar metal welds 7/7 PhysOrg
ORNL Researchers Apply Imaging, Computational Expertise to St. Jude Research 7/6 Newswise
ORNL-led team identifies process that can break down toxic methylmercury 7/3 Oak Ridge Today
Neutrons detect elusive Higgs amplitude mode in quantum material 7/5 PhysOrg
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Interview Released on UAV Market’s Developments 7/3 EIN Presswire
This Ultrasonic Dryer Uses 70% Less Energy And Can Dry Your Clothes In Just 20 Minutes 7/2 Wonderful Engineering
New director hired at ORNL Carbon Fiber Technology Facility 7/4 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL X-ray and neutron-scattering research unlocks sectrets of cellulosic biofuels 6/28 Biofuels Digest
CAM Plants: Food of the Future 6/27 Laboratory Equipment
GKN Aerospace, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Form Additive R&D Partnership 6/22 Modern Machine Shop
Licence to commercialise Ce-Al alloy 6/23 Metal Powder Report
Research Collaboration Brings New Concepts for Potassium-Ion Batteries 6/22 (R&D Magazine)
ORNL’s Titan drops to number four on list of world’s most powerful supercomputers 6/19 Oak Ridge Today
US-China collaboration makes excellent start in optimizing lithium to control plasma 6/15 PhysOrg
Six Exascale PathForward Vendors Selected; DoE Providing $258M 6/15 HPC Wire
Huffman Named Head of Physics Department 6/15 Public Now
ORNL lays off 13 energy, environmental sciences employees 6/15 WVLT TV
Lee Alumna Selected For ORNL Fellowship 6/14 The Chattanoogan
Glass doesn't provide clear window on nuclear damage 6/14 Materials Today
Making ethanol from CO2 at ORNL sparks considerable interest 6/12 Oak Ridger
Wood Named Fellow by American Nuclear Society, Coble Honored 6/9 Tennessee Today
Neutrons Zero in on the Elusive Magnetic Majorana Fermion 6/9 R & D Magazine
Climate data: Knox County could have 20-80 more days above 95 by 2100 6/8 Oak Ridge Today
Container Revolution Enables Science Breakthroughs n.d. CIO Review
ORNL 3D-printed magnets attract 'Momentum' 6/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Eck Industries exclusively licenses cerium-aluminum alloy co-developed by ORNL 6/7 PhysOrg
Fantastic Voyage - Flying Through a Turbine Blade 6/7 Engineering.com
GKN Aerospace, Oak Ridge National Laboratory partner on AM technology 6/6 The Fabricator
U.S. government lab develops in-car facial recognition solution 6/5 Biometric Update
Zacharia named director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory 6/1 Oak Ridge Today
GKN Develops Large-Scale Additive Process 6/2 Aviation Week
Video Informs DOE-Funded Researchers about DOE PAGES and Submitting Accepted Manuscripts to DOE OSTI 6/2 Blackbird Miltech
Newly identified microbial process could reduce toxic methylmercury levels 6/1 ChemEurope
Scientists identify novel microbial process that can break down toxic methylmercury levels 6/1 Medical Life Sciences News
Impact of New UT-ORNL Big Data Doctorate to Be Felt Across State 5/15 Tennessee Today
This Is The First Ever Nanoscale Image of a Living Cell Membrane 5/31 True Viral News
Insight into enzyme's 3-D structure could cut biofuel costs 5/30 Biomass Magazine
Researchers seek atomistic insights into ferroelectric materials 5/25 PhysOrg
A Seat at the Table: Colleen Iversen 5/25 Blackbird Miltech
DOE Secretary Rick Perry Visits Learns about Composites at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 5/30 Compsoites Manufacturing
General Atomics Completes Heat Treatment of ITER’s First Central Solenoid Module 5/25 Public Now
Funding for ORNL could be cut $185 million under president’s budget 5/23 Oak Ridge Today
A Road Trip Through Rusting and Rising America 5/24 The New York Times
Understanding stars: How tornado-shaped flow in a dynamo strengthens the magnetic field 5/23 PhysOrg
Atomic structure of irradiated materials is more akin to liquid than glass 5/23 PhysOrg
Rick Perry: I'll be 'strong advocate' for Oak Ridge, DOE 5/22 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Neutrons provide the first nanoscale look at a living cell membrane 5/24 PhysOrg
Ohio Firm Gets Federal Grant To Develop Steel For Electric Vehicle Engines 5/20 WCBE TV
ORNL welcomes Innovation Crossroads entrepreneurial research fellows 5/18 EurekAlert!
Honoured for heat pump developments 5/20 Cooling Post
Insight into enzyme's 3-D structure could cut biofuel costs 5/18 PhysOrg
Scientists perform first-principles simulation of transition of plasma edge to H-mode 5/18 EurekAlert!
Titan supercomputer analyzes bacterial photosynthetic system n.d. Health Medicine Network
ORNL: UT-Battelle Scholarship awarded to Bearden student 5/16 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL, UTK Launch Doctoral Program in Data Science 5/15 HPC Wire
Model One 3-D Printer from Impossible Objects Could Transform Manufacturing 5/15 Composites Manufacturing
This machine uses sound waves to dry your laundry 5/11 The Week
DOE to Fund HPC for Manufacturing 5/9 Inside HPC
Bacterial boost for biobased fuels 5/8 Biomass Magazine
ORNL, ORAU play role in cancer detection, treatment 5/10 Oak Ridger
ORNL's Gibson named SME outstanding young engineer 5/10 Oak Ridge Today

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